ANTHRAX: Istanbul Performance Footage Available

June 30, 2010

Fan-filmed video footage of ANTHRAX performing the song "Be All, End All" on June 27, 2010 at the Sonisphere festival in Istanbul, Turkey can be viewed below.

In a recent interview with BLABBERMOUTH.NET, ANTHRAX singer Joey Belladonna was asked what his initial reaction was when he got that call to come back to the band. "Well, you know, I got an e-mail from Charlie [Benante, drums] saying that the management wanted to speak to me if I was available," he said. "So I called them and they asked if I was interested in rejoining the band. I said, 'Let's talk. Let's see if we can put this together again.' We just happened to be talking a little bit and it hadn't been very long before we said, 'Well, let's just give it a go.' I was just hoping that everyone was being sincere about wanting to carry it all out."

When asked if it feels any different this time around, Belladonna said, "Not really, you know?! I don't expect anything to be too different from when we went out on that reunion. It was good. We rehearsed once and went full steam ahead. I think maybe it happened so fast nobody got the chance to analyze what we were actually doing. It was natural for me then and it is again now. Now it'll be the day to day thing that determines how it will all unfold for us."

On whether there was any hesitation, on his part, about coming back again, Joey said, "Well, that's always expected. When you're joining and rejoining and stuff like that, you just want to know that everything is intact and it's sincere. That's all I can ask for and I just hope everything remains that way. I'm really not all that worried about it, though. Overall, I'm really just going in there focused like I always do as a musician and a guy in the band who does what he has to do to be in the band. I just want to make it work and not be foolish, which I never am. It's all about the music to me."

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