ARCH ENEMY Frontwoman Interviewed In Maldives

July 27, 2010

Haveeru conducted an interview with vocalist Angela Gossow of Swedish/German extreme metallers ARCH ENEMY last week prior to the band's first-ever appearance in Maldives. Watch the first part of the chat below. (Note: The second part of the interview has not yet been made available.)

ARCH ENEMY was originally scheduled to perform in Maldives on Friday (July 23),but the concert ended up being pushed back to the next day due to bad weather and strong winds, organizers said.

According to MaxLevel, LeCute RockStorm Chapter 3 – Awake your Senses, the show was postponed after several pieces of equipment — including the sound tent — were blown away by strong winds Friday morning.

"The only pending work was sound testing. When a band like this performs, they personally test the sound. But our equipments were damaged in the strong winds [Friday] morning," Mohamed Rasheed, MaxLevel Managing Director, said, according to Haveeru.

Rasheed said the damaged lights were adjusted and repaired and assured the fans that the show would go ahead the following day.

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