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July 30, 2001

SLIPKNOT fans who can't wait until the end of next month to hear additional new music from the group's forthcoming Iowa opus can download two more tracks from the album via the following locations:


People = Sh.t

Left Behind


Both of the above cuts are culled from a single that was just recently shipped to radio and are not yet officially available for download (so if the above links don't work for much longer, don't write to us wondering why). In the meantime, SLIPKNOT will be performing the first single off Iowa, “Left Behind”, live on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on the NBC network on August 10th.

SEPULTURA will be taking part in an online chat with their fans this Wednesday, August 1st at 5:00 PM (8:00 PM GMT) via this Brazilian web site.

According to the unofficial IRON MAIDEN web site Up The Irons, IRON MAIDEN vocalist Bruce Dickinson was in Italy last week promoting the release of his upcoming Greatest Hits solo album, which is reportedly due in September through Sanctuary Records. During the course of the ensuing press interviews, Bruce revealed that IRON MAIDEN's forthcoming Rock In Rio two-CD live set is ready for a September release, but that the accompanying DVD—which is presently being edited by MAIDEN bassist Steve Harris—will not be issued until January 2002. Dickinson also confirmed that a new IRON MAIDEN studio album will not surface before the end of 2002, with the band scheduled to return to the road in early 2003. Meanwhile, Harris turned up at a recent DIRTY DEEDS gig at the Ruskin Arms in the UK, where he evidently stated that the Rock In Rio DVD is finished, but the band were not at all happy with the mixing and have to start over again, which is presumably contributing to the aforementioned delay. In related news, Dickinson has now withdrawn from the proposed project featuring AYREON mastermind Arjen Lucassen (ex-BODINE, VENGEANCE),after an earlier guest appearance on Lucassen's high acclaimed Universal Migrator Pt. II: Flight Of The Migrator concept album. According to a letter sent to the AYREON mailing list, Arjen is presently working on “new options”, the details of which are expected to be announced shortly.

JUDAS PRIEST's brand new Demolition CD reportedly debuted at number 16 in the official German Media Control Album charts this week. A seemingly impressive entry, this latest chart showing is apparently lower than those for HALFORD's Resurrection or PRIEST's Jugulator were on the very same list, a factor fueled in no small part by the negative reviews afforded the new album, including one from Germany's biggest metal magazine, Rock Hard, which gave the CD a rating of 7.5 out of 10.

According to the current issue of Billboard magazine, the Island/Def Jam Music Group has acquired a 50% stake in independent label Roadrunner Records in a deal worth $33 million-$35 million, in a move that has been rumored for weeks but had not been made official until this past Friday (July 27th). Under the deal, Island/Def Jam also has an option to eventually purchase Roadrunner in its entirety. While Roadrunner will continue to operate as a stand-alone label (with no involvement in day-to-day activities by Island/Def Jam),distribution of the label's product will switch from RED to Universal Music Group.

According to Encyclopedia Metallica, all METALLICA albums and future releases are banned in Jordan, a small country in western Asia. Here is what Jordanian resident Tamim Salem reported to “METALLICA is looked at as the best thing that has ever happened on this earth by some of us here in Jordan, but because METALLICA are very popular, and sometimes loud, a newspaper did an article accusing them of being satanists and worshipers. They also included some photos of the band, jamming in the mid 80's, and names of non-existent albums such as 'No Life', 'Crow', and 'Poison'. When I read that article, I didn't really give a sh.t, but when I went to the music store to buy some tapes (we still use tapes here),the guy in the store told me that the Jordanian authorities will collect all METALLICA CDs and tapes and dispose them in the end of this year and ban all future releases.” The URL to the Jordanian newspaper is:


In other METALLICA-related news, drummer Lars Ulrich reportedly appeared on the CBS tennis/sports program Topspin TV yesterday, July 29th, mixing it up on the tennis court with REM's Mike Mills, plus tennis superstars Andre Agassi, Jim Courier and John McEnroe, as well as New York Yankee Paul O'Neill.

Here is the full track listing for the debut self-titled CD from ECHOBRAIN, the new project headed by former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted:


01. Colder World (3:20)

02. The Feeling Is Over (3:37)

03. Spoonfed (4:45)

04. Adrift (3:15)

05. Keep Me Alive (3:49)

06. We Are Ghosts (3:50)

07. SuckerPunch (5:36) (feat. Kirk Hammett)

08. HWY 44 (4:16)

09. I Drank You (3:08)

10. Cryin' Shame (12:06)


As previously reported, promotional copies of ECHOBRAIN's debut CD are currently available for purchase via eBay at this location.

The following item appeared in the New York Daily News yesterday, Sunday, July 29th: “Tommy Lee may have found a woman with the perfect rock lineage to replace ex-wife Pamela Anderson. His new girlfriend is Prince's former missus, Mayte Garcia. Lee has been producing Mayte's first album. He's also bringing her to Wednesday's 20th-anniversary MTV bash. It should be an interesting night. Also expected are Anderson and her new guy, Kid Rock (her rep will neither confirm nor deny they're engaged).”

BLACK SABBATH will be issuing a double-CD set of rare and previously unreleased live material recorded at various shows that took place during the group's 1975 Sabotage Tour. Entitled Live In ྇, the album will feature liner notes written by all four members of the band and will be released on October 9th through Divine Recordings. The full track listing for the album is as follows:


CD 01:

01. Tomorrow's Dream

02. Sweet Leaf

03. Killing Yourself To Live

04. Cornucopia

05. Snowblind

06. Children Of The Grave

07. War Pigs

08. Wicked World

09. Paranoid


CD 02:

01. Hand Of Doom

02. Hole In The Sky

03. Symptom Of The Universe

04. Megalomania

05. Iron Man

06. Black Sabbath

07. NIB

08. Behind The Wall Of Sleep

09. Fairies Wear Boots

QUEENSRYCHE performed two gigs at The Moore Theater in Seattle on July 27th and July 28th for the purpose of having them recorded for an upcoming live album and DVD, entitled Evolution, which are scheduled to be released on September 25th (CD) and October 9th (DVD) through the group's new label, Metal-Is Records (a division of the Sanctuary Music Group). Here are the songs that were performed over the course of the two nights:


01. NM156

02. Walk in the Shadows

03. Roads to Madness (minus second half)

04. Lady Wore Black

05. London

06. Screaming In Digital

07. I AM I

08. Damaged

09. Empire

10. Silent Lucidity

11. Another Rainy Night

12. Jet City Woman

13. Liquid Sky

14. Sacred Ground

15. Falling Down

16. Hit The Black

17. Breakdown

18. Right Side of My Mind

19. Take Hold of The Flame

20. Queen of the Reich

21. I Remember Now

22. Revolution Calling

23. Spreading the Disease

24. Electric Requiem

25. The Mission

26. Suite Sister Mary

27. I Don't Believe in Love

28. My Empty Room

29. Eyes of a Stranger

According to, disagreements over the rights to the next Family Values Tour album may jeopardize the line-up on this year's edition and possibly the event. So far, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, STAIND and LINKIN PARK have all committed to the tour, which would appear in its third installment this year, following the decision by the festival organizers to postpone last year's planned outing due to heavy touring traffic.

Former HELLOWEEN vocalist Michael Kiske has pushed back the release of his third full-length solo CD to January of 2002. The album will be the singer's first (as a solo artist) for Noise Records.

CANNIBAL CORPSE have entered Village Recorders Studios in El Paso, Texas with producer Colin Richardson to record their upcoming CD, which is due at the end of the year.

BOLT THROWER are in the middle of recording their long-awaited new CD, entitled Honour - Valour – Pride, at Sable Rose Studios in Coventry, UK. Co-produced by the band and Andy Faulkner, the album should be completed in the first week of September for a November 19th release through Metal Blade Records. A European tour is planned for January/February 2002.

DARK FUNERAL's long-awaited new album, entitled Diabolis Interium, will be released on September 24th in Europe through No Fashion Records, on August 22nd in Japan through Soundholic Records, and on October 2nd in North America through Necropolis Records.

ONE MINUTE SILENCE will play the Kerrang! Week of Rock at The Barfly in London on August 30th. Support will come from MIOCIENE and VACANT STARE.

According to his official web site, former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach will be making an as-yet-undisclosed appearance in Detroit on August 5-6. More info as it becomes available.

Photos taken at the recent VIO-LENCE rehearsal sessions for their upcoming appearance at the Thrash Of The Titans benefit concert for TESTAMENT vocalist Chuck Billy, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, can be viewed at this location.

ANOTHERDAY, the New York-based band featuring former DRAIN STH guitarist Flavia Canel, has made two songs available for listening in streaming audio via the group's official web site. The two songs in question are entitled “Held Underneath” and “Real Enough”, and can be heard by clicking here and here.

SICK SPEED, the Atlanta-based band which features in its ranks ex-STUCK MOJO guitarist Rich Ward on vocals/guitar, Mike 'Happy' Schneider on guitar/vocals, ex-STUCK MOJO bassist Dan Dryden, and ex-STUCK MOJO drummer Bud Fontsere, has hit back at some of the STUCK MOJO 'fans” who have been criticizing the new act's musical direction and its increased focus on melody as opposed to that of the bandmembers' previous group. According to Ward, “this [type of criticism] is nothing new to me. There have always been two types of MOJO fans. There's the fan who feeds off the aggressiveness and comes to the shows with the intentions of 'f.cking someone up in the pit' (usually as a way to vent after having the sh.t beat out of them at school on a daily basis). That fan generally smoked as much weed and drank as much old English 800 as their job at Hardee's would afford them. They usually wore their hat sideways and their pants so baggy that a family of Ethiopians could live in them. They think 2Pac and Biggie were victims of a racist/capitalist society and what's worse is they would refer to them as 'important musicians'. Then there was the MOJO fan that liked and respected us for standing out in a music scene full of sheep. We wrote songs and didn't just scream over generic riffs. They liked the dynamics that several different vocal styles created. Most of all they respected the fact that we took a very bold political stance that isn't present in any other heavy band. I always appreciated the support of all the MOJO fans and I realize that not all of them are going to like SICK SPEED. If you're the fan that considers 2Pac a role model, YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO LIKE US.”

Jane Schuldiner, the mother of DEATH mainman Chuck Schuldiner, who was diagnosed with pontine glioma, a rare type of brain tumor, two years ago, has posted the following new message on DEATH's official web site: “Dear fans and friends of Chuck, this is Chuck's mom. Due to a misunderstanding on my part, personal mail that should be going directly to Chuck is being sent to other addresses. When I was asked permission, I assumed it was e-mail that I could print out and take to Chuck, as I always do. That is not the case. Chuck has been in the hospital here in Florida for 15 days undergoing treatment, and I see him every day and night. I have said before how much the support he gets from you all means to him, and this way I can take any mail, cards, etc over to him, something for him to look forward to daily. That makes a lot more sense than being sent to other addresses and then forwarded to him. My address is below for you to send personal correspondence directly to Chuck, in care of me. You can send email to [email protected]. Thank you. Sincerely, Jane Schuldiner, 609 E Citrus Street, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701.”


In other news, DEATH's upcoming live album, Live in L.A. (Death &amp Raw), will be released in Europe on September 17th and in the USA on October 16th. The VHS and DVD versions will be released on the same dates. According to the Nuclear Blast Records web site, “Live in L.A. was recorded at the legendary Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles, California during the sold-out The Sound Of Perseverance tour. It never was planned to be released, so there are a few things on this album which are not 100% perfect, which you usually get from Chuck and his mates. This is a soundboard recording, which leads to some slight sound problems, but you can nonetheless hear the outstanding performance and musical quality of DEATH. This band is in a class all by itself! The sound is still absolutely outstanding and retains a gritty intensity that's missing on live records that are overdubbed.” The full track listing for Live in L.A. (Death &amp Raw) is as follows:


01. Intro/The Philosopher

02. Spirit Crusher

03. Trapped In A Corner

04. Scavenger Of Human Sorrow

05. Crystal Mountain

06. Flesh And The Power It Holds

07. Zero Tolerance

08. Zombie Ritual

09. Suicide Machine

10. Together As One

11. Empty Words

12. Symbolic

13. Pull The Plug

SIX, the new Los Angeles-based act featuring former DROWN/FAMOUS vocalist Lauren, ex-MALFUNCTION mainman Alfunction and Bob K, will be playing a special 1605 show on Friday, September 7th at The Shack in Anaheim, California. Support will come from LOONY BINN.

DIVINE SILENCE will shortly be making available a brand new three-song demo via the group's official web site. The tracks appearing on the CD are as follows:


01. To Live Or Die

02. Promise You

03. Twilight

According to the band's official web site, GRAVE DIGGER have recorded a cover of IRON MAIDEN's 'Running Free', which will be included as the bonus track on the Japanese version of the group's forthcoming album The Grave Digger (release date: October 22nd) and which will also be released on an upcoming IRON MAIDEN tribute album from Nuclear Blast Records. “We gave this song the typical face of GRAVE DIGGER', stated GD vocalist Chris Boltendahl.

A live recording of DIO's performance of the songs “Rainbow In The Dark” and a medley of 'Man on the Silver Mountain/Long Live Rock n' Roll' (originally done by RAINBOW),taped during the group's MagicaTour in Antwerp, Belgium on May 3rd 2000 and also featuring a guest appearance by IRON MAIDEN vocalist Bruce Dickinson and drummer Nicko McBrain, can be heard in streaming real audio by clicking here and here.

METAL CHURCH will be hosting a live chat with fans in the chat room of their official web site on Tuesday, August 7th from 7:00-10:00 Pacific time. Scheduled to appear are members Kurdt Vanderhoof, John Marshall, Duke Erickson, Kirk Arrington, plus roadie/band associate Bill 'Lewy' Lewis and RegiMan.


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