Archive News Jun 01, 2001

June 1, 2001

SLAYER have finalized the track listing for their God Hates Us All opus, which is presently scheduled for a July 10th release through American/Sony Recordings. The songs set to appear on the final version are as follows:


01. Darkness Of Christ

02. Disciple

03. God Send Death

04. New Faith

05. Bloodline

06. Threshold

07. Exile

08. Seven Faces

09. Cast Down

10. Warzone

11. Here Comes The Pain

12. Payback


Two additional tracks, 'Addict' and 'Deviance', were also recorded and may be considered as B-sides for future singles or overseas releases.

The mother of DEATH/CONTROL DENIED mainman Chuck Schuldiner, Jane Schuldiner, has spoken out about her son's ongoing and heart-wrenching battle to receive medical help after being diagnosed with pontine glioma, a rare type of brain tumor, two years ago. Here is a message from Ms. Schuldiner:


'This has been one of the worst days since we found out about Chuck's illness. He went to Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, California today for his appointment for the first treatment. Beth, his sister, went with her father's credit cards, power-of-attorney, and a Letter of Intent from Music Care to help with the large expenses of this treatment. Beth was told by the Vice President of Cedars Sinai's comprehensive Care Center, Floyd Frasier, #310-425-0600, that none of these were acceptable to them. The Executive Director, Paul Odea, would not even talk to her. Beth was frantic, asking if Chuck's treatment could be started until she could get the matter resolved. No was the answer. After finally threatening to get her attorney involved and to go to the media, as she had to do when the surgery took place last year in New York, they finally took the cards, allowing the procedure to take place. I am telling you this so all of you will know of the continuing saga of how the American health system is willing to let a person die for the sake of money. My son has never expected charity. For two years, he and Beth have paid over $200,000.00 of their own money, plus the generous donations of his fans and friends, for the treatments for his illness, aware every time that if he does not get the money, he will die. Even when the cash is paid, the attitude of the caregivers and hospitals are one bordering on contempt that he does not have insurance. There is something terribly wrong when a country as great as America will let their citizens die for lack of insurance or money. Unfortunately, we had to have a devastating illness to realize that we are unprotected in many ways. I am asking the people who read this to please get insurance, immediately. This could happen to you if you live in the United States of America. Chuck's illness was caused by a split cell, it is a fluke, not genetic or anything he ate or drank or the air he breathed. That also could happen to any of us. So please, as healthy as you are today, you may, God forbid, desperately need that insurance tomorrow. I want to thank you all for your emails, letters, cards and support you have given Chuck. As in last year, it means so much, not only to Chuck, but to us, his family. Sincerely, Jane Schuldiner. [email protected]'

METALLICA frontman James Hetfield recently took a trip to Russia and has promised to produce a full write-up on the journey in an upcoming issue of the METALLICA Fan Mag So What!, according to his postings in the METALLICAClub message board area called Poor Posting Me. Hetfield also goes on to say that there are 'no Russian bass players on the menu yet.' Also noted in the Poor Touring Me message boards by a MetClub administrator is that the band returned to the studio on Wednesday, May 30th, to continue writing material for their forthcoming studio album, which is not expected before early 2002.

Word has it that VH-1 is planning a Behind The Music special on JUDAS PRIEST. At the moment, September is being mentioned as a likely air date, although this has yet to be official confirmed by the cable music channel. More information as it becomes available.

Contrary to our previous postings on this subject, it now appears that SUPERFIX (who feature in their ranks former DRAIN STH drummer Martina Axen on lead vocals and ex-DRAIN STH bassist Anna Kjellberg) are NOT working with sometime FEAR FACTORY collaborator Rhys Fulber during the current pre-production recording sessions, but are instead said to be utilizing the services of programmer/engineer Steve Tushar, who had apparently toured with FEAR FACTORY back in 1996 and has done some remixes for KORN. SUPERFIX is presently in a Los Angeles recording studio laying down three new tracks that will likely appear on the band's much-anticipated debut CD, which is not expected to emerge before early 2002.

SICK SPEED, featuring former STUCK MOJO guitarist Rich Ward on vocals/guitar, Mike 'Happy' Schneider on guitar/vocals, ex-STUCK MOJO bassist Dan Dryden, and ex-STUCK MOJO drummer Bud Fontsere, have officially confirmed their plans to ink a deal with Century Media Records for the European, Australian and South American release of the group's existing demo recordings, most of which have been made available in CD form via the band's live shows in the southeast area during the recent months. Here is the official word from the SICK SPEED camp:


'Negotiations are over and the final draft of the European record deal has been received by the SICK SPEED camp and has been accepted! The band has not signed the contract, but have full intentions on doing so. This contract/agreement allows Century Media (Europe) to release remixed demos recorded over the last two years. This is a licensing deal exclusive to Europe, Australia, and South America. Century Media (Europe) has multiple success stories, including several bands that have held respectable chart positions and massive fan bases. Unfortunately, their American office is yet to prove their political muscle and to produce a bankroll large enough to break a band in the very competitive U.S. market i.e. STUCK MOJO. Consequently, you will not be able to find the SICK SPEED CD in North American record stores, unless special ordering is available. If you cannot get the CD through a local record store, mail ordering will be available through [] (probably a lot cheaper than at import prices). The CD will be available this summer and more details and tour information will follow as they come available. SICK SPEED is currently shopping for a worldwide deal that will focus on a North American invasion. Multiple labels are showing intense interest in the band, and a couple of offers have even been made. So sit back and enjoy the ride, Failure is not an option!'


In related news, SICK SPEED's above-mentioned official site ( has just been completely revamped by the very capable webmaster Xack, and it now includes sound clips of virtually every SICK SPEED song record thus far, a video for the track 'Never Coming Back', plus samples of the two new STUCK MOJO tracks that are set to appear on the group's forthcoming Violate This compilation of unreleased B-sides and demos (recorded during 1991-1998). The two songs in question, 'Your Revolution' and 'Ten Years', feature STUCK MOJO as a three-piece (minus longtime frontman Bonz, who is currently fronting 420 MONKS) with Rich doing the main vocals and Dan in charge of the back-up vocals.

Veteran Canadian thrashers EXCITER have cancelled the gig that was scheduled to take place at Lee's Palace in Toronto, Canada, on June 23rd. No reason was given for the cancellation.

Producer Andy 'Undie' Sneap (i.e. MACHINE HEAD, KREATOR, STUCK MOJO, SKINLAB, NEVERMORE, ARCH ENEMY) has posted the following update on his recent activities via his official web site (


'It's proving to be a very busy time at the moment, which is why this site hasn't been updated in a while. Sorry for that. The new KREATOR album Violent Revolution is now finished, as I mentioned on the last update, we tracked the drums and bass in Celle, Germany and then did the rest over here at Backstage [Studios]. The album sees the band returning to their thrash roots, more Coma of Souls-era classic KREATOR.


'I've just finished mixing the new BENEDICTION album, which will be released through Nuclear Blast probably early autumn. This was tracked by Paul Johnson over at Rhythm Studios in Stratford on Avon and again mixed at Backstage. Very heavy it is, too. Fans of their previous material will not be disappointed.


'I [began] pre-production with BLAZE on May 16th and then [started] in the studio on May 22nd. It's the same line up as the Silicon Messiah album, so it should make for another really strong album. We're looking to have this completed by July 1st so SPV can release it in September/October. The only difference this time is we are doing the whole project at Backstage.


'The rest of the year is looking very busy also, with another seven album projects being talked about. The TESTAMENT album (rerecordings of older material) is still going ahead despite [vocalist] Chuck Billy's illness. We are looking to mix this around August, but this all depends on how the big guy copes with whatever treatment he is being given. The good news is they discovered the cancer at an early stage, so hopefully it won't be too long until we are recording another NEW album. Anyone wanting to pass messages of good will onto Chuck can do so through the TESTAMENT site


'We've now secured the new [studio] property I mentioned in the last update. It's an ideal farm in Ambergate, Derbyshire complete with its own small wood (paintball anyone?). There's a lot of building work to be done, but as you can see from the pictures, it will make a great fully residential studio. It's not going to be anywhere near finished until the end of the year, but keep your eyes on the site and we'll let you know what is going on.


'The studio recently acquired some new bits and pieces. Just bought a Neuman M149 to use on the BLAZE album (he's been in MAIDEN, now he wants the posh mic!). Also got a Digidesign 888 24 bit and the USD sync unit. We have more hard drives in removable chassis and a loads of new plug ins.


'Whilst doing the THORN ELEVEN album [for SPV/Steamhammer Records] last year in Germany, we were fortunate enough to have a music store next door that were very helpful and would let us try any of the gear in the studio. Out of all the basses we tried, there was one company, Sandberg Guitars, which totally blew away the tone of everything else we tried. I very nearly bought the bass there and then, but seeing as I had so much equipment with me already, I decided not to. So when I turned up at Tommy Newton's studio to start the KREATOR album and noticed a Sandberg bass in his control room, he mentioned he knew them. After a few calls, they offered me a deal on a five-string basic model for the studio, and it sounds amazing. Check them out at I'm on page 4 of the artists page with Tommy.


'One last thing, theres an interview with me in the next issue of Rock Sound (producer feature) out in June.'

Former LIFE OF AGONY frontman Keith Caputo is said to be preparing to enter a recording studio in Holland (his newly-adopted second home, apparently) to begin work on his sophomore solo effort, the follow-up to his criminally-ignored (and thus far unreleased in the US) Died Laughing CD. Dutch musicians will reportedly be involved in the recording of the album, which may surface through the singer's own label following a rumored parting-of-the-ways with Roadrunner Records.

RETURN TO THE SABBAT, the revamped version of the classic UK act SABBAT (featuring former SKYCLAD vocalist Martin Walkyier),have posted live shots of the group's first live appearance in 11 years, which took place at the recent Bloodstock Festival in the UK on a 'packed' second stage in front of 500 metallers. The photos can be found here.

THERAPY?'s cover version of the TURBONEGRO classic 'Denim Demon' will be released on June 11th via Bitzcore Records as part of the Alpha Motherf.ckers tribute album. More details are available at: 'Denim Demon' was recorded in Seattle with producer Jack Endino, who also plays guest guitar on the track.

Danish rockers D.A.D. have returned to their home base of Copenhagen after spending most of May at the Swinghouse Studios in Los Angeles writing material for the follow-up to the group's Everything Glows CD. According to the band's official web site, ten new songs were produced during the songwriting sessions, which will be recorded at an as-yet-unnamed studio during August.

SKINLAB mainman Steev Esquivel is flying into New York today, June 1st, to join Alaska's 36 CRAZYFISTS at Millbrook Studios, where he will add his vocals to an as-yet-unspecified cut on the latter band's forthcoming debut album, Bitterness The Star, which is due out through Roadrunner Records later in the year. 36 CRAZYFISTS will be leaving Millbrook Studios on Monday, June 4th, to finish the final couple days of recording at another location. If all goes as planned, the final mixes should be completed by June 18th.

San Francisco Bay Area metallers 40 GRIT have completed work on a new three-song demo, which they will use to procure new management (the group was previously represented by the much-respected Debbie Abono). If everything goes according to plan, 40 GRIT's follow-up to their impressive Heads debut should be appearing in early 2002.

A PERFECT CIRCLE guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen's 'other' band, ENEMY, is said to be currently finishing up pre-production on their upcoming album, which is tentatively scheduled to emerge through an as-yet-unspecified label later in the year.

Candlelight Records have signed Finnish progressive metallers INSOMNIUM.

TERROR 2000, the side project of DARKANE guitarist Klas Ideberg (who is also involved with the promising newcomers THE DEFACED),have started writing new material and have begun rehearsals with a Stockholm-based drummer by the name of Erik (who is said to be friends with his predecessor in TERROR 2000, SOILWORK drummer Henry Ranta). TERROR 2000 hope to record the follow-up to Slaughterhouse Supremacy later in the year for a 2002 release.

Florida's ALAS, featuring MORBID ANGEL guitarist Erik Rutan and ex-THERION vocalist Martina Hornbacher-Astner, reportedly received a 9.5 out of 10 rating from Germany's most influential metal magazine, Rock Hard, for their soon-to-be-issued debut, Absolute Purity. Absolute Purity comes out on July 16th in Europe and June 19th in the US through Hammerheart Records.

ENTOMBED are going to perform a gig together with THRONEAEON on June 8th in Västerås, Sweden at club McEwan's. In other ENTOMBED gig news, the long-running metal combo will join fellow Swedes TERRA FIRMA, featuring UNLEASHED guitarist Freddie Eugene, as two of the performers at the new outdoor festival Monsters Of Kings Garden in Stockholm, Sweden on Friday, August 17th at Kungsträdgården.

SOLITUDE AETURNUS' gig at the Tattoo Bar in Fort Worth, Texas will be taking place on Friday, June 8th, not Thursday, June 7th as previously reported.

RUSH bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee has reported that things are progressing nicely during the songwriting sessions for the follow-up to 1996's Test for Echo. 'There is an optimistic atmosphere,' Lee allegedly posted. '[We're] experimenting as always, but not afraid to get a little physical!!' RUSH's as-yet-untitled new CD is not expected to emerge before next year.

TRIBE OF JUDAH, featuring former VAN HALEN/EXTREME vocalist Gary Cherone, Steve Ferlazzo on synths/programming, Leo Mellache on guitar, Tim Bissonette on guitar, Pat Badger (ex-EXTREME) on bass, and Mike Mangini (ex-EXTREME/ANNIHILATOR) on drums, played a surprise gig at the Tank in Revere, MA on Wednesday, May 30th. The band reportedly performed the following songs for an audience of around 100:


01. East of Paradise *

02. Left for Dead *

03. In My Dreams *

04. Tell Me Something I Don't Know (EXTREME)

05. Ambiguous

06. SOD

07. Once (VAN HALEN)

08. Need I Say More

09. Sublime **

10. Am I Ever Gonna Change (EXTREME)

11. Drum Solo

12. My Utopia *


13. Sad Celibate

14. Without You (VAN HALEN)


* Songs that appear on TRIBE OF JUADH's four-song CD sampler

** Hidden track on the four-song CD sampler

Guitar shredder GARY MOORE was forced to cancel his planned appearance in Athens, Greece on June 2nd after having developed an ear infection, which has resulted in the guitarist being given the doctor's orders not to fly (in case it aggravates the condition).

Former PSYCHOTIC WALTZ vocalist Devon Graves (aka Buddy Lackey) is still hard at work on his solo album for Inside Out Records, entitled Devon Graves' Dead Soul Tribe, and 'despite some technical problems', everything appears to be on track for a September/October release.


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