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November 5, 2001

Los Angeles' MEDICATION, featuring former MACHINE HEAD / SOULFLY guitarist Logan Mader, ex-UGLY KID JOE / LIFE OF AGONY vocalist Whitfield Crane, ex-ADAYINTHELIFE guitarist Blunt and SOULFLY drummer Roy Mayorga, have refuted the recent reports of Mayorga leaving the band in order to rejoin SOULFLY on a full-time basis. According to an official statement from MEDICATION's management, “Roy is not leaving MEDICATION... He is just filling in on drums for the [recording of the] new SOULFLY record. The [MEDICATION five-song] EP will hit the shelves in the US in February thru Warner Bros. Records, and the band will begin recording the [debut] full-length [album] on January 4, 2002.” As previously reported, SOULFLY are currently at Phoenix, Arizona's (Brill Street) Chaton Studios recording their third full-length effort, which is scheduled to be produced by mainman Max Cavalera and engineered by Otto D'Agnolo, who had previously collaborated with Cavalera on the two NAILBOMB releases (Point Blank and Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide) and SOULFLY's cover of BLACK SABBATH's “Under The Sun” for the Nativity In Black II tribute CD. A mid-2002 release through Roadrunner Records is expected.

Century Media Records have dismissed as “fiction” the recent claim made by Switzerland's SAMAEL that the group were declared free agents by a Circuit Court of Bochum judge in Germany on August 23rd, thereby allowing them to sign a new record deal following a year and a half of legal disputes with CM. Here is the official statement we received from Century Media regarding this matter: 'Having lost their case in court, [SAMAEL] has decided to create a fiction hoping that if enough people were to believe what they said, it would become true. The fact is that the court rejected the claim and made SAMAEL pay for Century's [legal expenses incurred through fighting the case in court]. They still remain under contract and The Century Family, Inc. has contacted the band in an effort to resolve this matter and have the group complete their ongoing recording obligations to the label. The Century Family, Inc. is hopeful that the group, whose music has represented some of the best material on the label since 1992, will continue to be part of the Century Family rather than fall into oblivion, never to record again.'

According to Encyclopedia Metallica, a Danish magazine recently printed an item about METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich “flirting” with top supermodel Naomi Campbell at a nightclub in San Francisco, where he was said to be hanging out with a number of other celebrities, including actor Sean Penn. The article goes on to say that Lars “is now more interested in 'using his 'stick', and not his drum sticks'. To view the actual article (in Danish),click here.

PANTERA vocalist Philip Anselmo tied the knot with longtime girlfriend and SOUTHERN ISOLATION bandmate Stephanie Opal at an undisclosed New Orleans location on Tuesday, October 30th. For more information on Stephanie, head over to the SOUTHERN ISOLATION official web site at As previously reported, Anselmo is currently busy tracking the as-yet-untitled second DOWN CD, which is due for release through Elektra Records in March 2002.

QUEENSRYCHE kicked off their headlining tour in support of the recently-issued Live Evolution CD on Thursday, November 1st at Phoenix's Celebrity Theater and reportedly delivered a less-than-stellar performance as part of their “An Evening With…” show, with several fans complaining of a particularly workmanlike performance by frontman Geoff Tate and a shorter-than-expected set at an hour and 45 minutes that included no encores. To make matters even worse, the night ended with a “fan” rushing the stage and grabbing one of axeman Michael Wilton's guitars in a failed attempt to return home with a prized souvenir. Here is the group's set list from the opening night's gig:


01. NM156

02. Walk In the Shadows

03. Roads to Madness (first half only)

04. Lady Wore Black

05. Screaming in Digital

06. I Am I

07. Damaged

08. Empire

09. Silent Lucidity

10. Jet City Woman

11. I Remember Now

12. Revolution Calling

13. Spreading the Disease

14. Empty Room

15. Eyes of Stranger

16. Liquid Sky

17. Hit The Black

18. Breakdown

19. Take Hold of the Flame


However, a posting from QUEENSRYCHE guitarist Michael Wilton paints a different picture and reveals further details about the near-burglary that took place afterwards. “Well, today was the first day of the tour. LONG day. Got up and left early to Sea-Tac airport. The security was ultra tight. Everyone in the band got searched. Arrived in Phoenix. Sound check went ok. The show was performed at the Celebrity Theater in the round. The band chose groups of songs to perform at random. Phoenix was a great crowd to get the tour started. After the show, after the band and I left the stage, a fan jumped over the rail and stormed the stage. The fan pushed guitar tech Jeff Repp out of the way as he grabbed my gold Vegas ESP guitar. The fan then ran out the backstage door and headed out towards the parking lot. About halfway across the parking lot, two security guards, in a mad dash foot race, finally caught up to the fan and tackled him to the ground. While one guard grabbed the guitar, the other guard detained the perpetrator. Local police arrived on the scene and proceeded to cuff and stuff the misguided fan. What a day. Next stop Las Vegas.”

The reformed EXHORDER, cited by many as the originators of the riff-heavy power-groove approach popularized by PANTERA, have launched their own page at at this location. However, before longtime fans of the band can get too excited, no new material is currently available for download, and there likely won't be for at least several months while the group continue writing the music for their long-awaited comeback effort, due in late 2002.

THE HAUNTED's current US headlining tour got off to a shaky start this past Friday, November 2nd at Club Krome in Morgan, New Jersey as opening act WITCHERY (minus guitarist Patrik Jensen, also in THE HAUNTED) got held up at immigration (presumably due to increased security following the World Trade Center attacks),causing them to miss the first night of the trek. THE HAUNTED themselves reportedly performed as a four-piece, with THE CROWN guitarist Marcus Sunesson (and fill-in axeman for the tour, following Anders Björler's recent departure from the group) also failing to make it into the country in time for the show. Despite this unforeseen setback, THE HAUNTED are said to have rocked the crowd and were eventually rejoined by WITCHERY and Sunesson for the remainder of the tour, which also features MARTYR A.D. (who themselves missed Friday night's show, for unspecified reasons).

MOTORHEAD have reportedly completed tracking all the instrumental parts for their upcoming CD, which is currently being recorded at a Los Angeles studio for an early 2002 release. WWF wrestler HHH and his wife reportedly came to the studio a few days ago so that HHH could lay down a spoken word segment that will be used on the new album.

SLIPKNOT have announced the dates for the upcoming US headlining tour, which is presently expected to take place between November 20th and December 21st. Support at all shows will reportedly come from IN FLAMES and 40 BELOW SUMMER. The dates are as follows:


Nov. 20 - Green Bay, WI - Brown County Arena

Nov. 21 - Fargo, ND - Civic Memorial Auditorium

Nov. 23 - Columbus, OH - Promowest Pavilion

Nov. 24 - Huntington, WV - Civic Arena

Nov. 25 - Pittsburgh, PA - Beaverdome

Nov. 27 - Saginaw, MI - Wendler Arena

Nov. 28 - Dayton, OH - Hara Arena

Nov. 29 - Indianapolis, IN - Pepsi Colosseum

Nov. 30 - La Crosse, WI - La Crosse Center

Dec. 02 - Sioux Falls, SD - Sioux Falls Arena

Dec. 05 - Kansas City, MO - Hale Arena

Dec. 06 - Wichita, KS - Kansas Colosseum

Dec. 07 - Springfield, MO - Shrine Mosque

Dec. 09 - McAllen, TX - Villa Real Convention Center

Dec. 10 - Houston, TX - Astro Arena

Dec. 11 - New Orleans, LA - State Place Lake Front

Dec. 13 - Tampa, FL - USF Sundome

Dec. 14 - Orlando, FL - House of Blues

Dec. 15 - Sunrise, FL - Sunrise Musical Theatre

Dec. 16 - Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle

Dec. 20 - Omaha, NE - Mac Dome

Dec. 21 - Des Moines, IA - 7 Flags Center

HATEBREED have posted the following update on the progress of the recording sessions for their Republic/Universal Records CD debut, entitled Perseverance, which is currently being recorded at Long View Studios with producer Matt Hyde (i.e. SLAYER. MONSTER MAGNET): “OK people. Here is the deal. We are up at Long View Studios with Matt Hyde and the album is coming out fucking incredible. We think we're gonna be done soon and we're all really happy. We have put 100% into this and it's been a long time coming. A lot of songs have come &amp gone over the last 3 years and its a good thing because only the best ones are going to appear on this album. We're gonna put some photos &amp video of the recording sessions up soon. So keep an eye out for that. Also, we know a lot of people are still just finding out that we are off the SLAYER tour. Once again, our apologies, but if a promoter or ticket outlet is still advertising us and they are not supposed to be, its really kinda out of our control. On a better note, we can say that we will most likely be heading out in late December on a headline tour and the line up is gonna be insane! Keep checking back here for the full scoop. We know there are a lot of rumors going around, some are true, some are not. Either way, it's gonna be a dope tour and we can't wait to play our new stuff. A while back a bunch of people had downloaded some songs off the internet that were take from demos of newer songs we recorded. The ONLY ones that were available were 'I Will Be Heard', 'Remain Nameless' &amp 'Unloved'. Although they may have been titled differently they was only 3. There were some other random songs being labeled as HATEBREED songs too. They were not ours. Just so you know. That is all for now. As always, thanx for your support &amp patience. Without the people we are nothing.”

Former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Slash married his longtime girlfriend Perla on October 15th in Maui, Hawaii. According to Slash's official web site, “the two have been engaged almost a year and have known each other about 14 years. They began dating seriously after Slash's divorce in 1995. Breaking with the usual rock exhibitionism, the two wore traditional wedding clothes. Perla wore a beautiful white strapless, pleated wedding dress and carried a lovely floral bouquet that matched the flower garland in her long dark hair. Slash wore new black leather pants, a white shirt and his black leather jacket. He wore a floral lei matching the flowers in Perla's bouquet. The wedding was a quiet one with just a few people invited. The couple wanted a solemn and religious ceremony. Now that they are back home in Los Angeles, Slash pronounces himself 'ecstatic' when asked how he feels about being married. Perla is the love of his life, and he is thrilled that they are starting out this new life together. They have bought a new home, and this one will be theirs..not one that belonged to Slash and not a rental. They will remain residents of California and hopefully there will be little Hudsons coming along. Both would like to have a family. Slash is legally Saul Hudson, so Perla is Mrs. Saul Hudson.” Wedding cards and gifts can be sent to the couple at the following address:


Slash and Perla Hudson

8033 Sunset Blvd.

Suite 994

Hollywood, CA 90046

Detroit, Michigan's TAPROOT are due to enter a Los Angeles studio this week with producer Toby Wright (i.e. ALICE IN CHAINS, SOULFLY) to begin recording their as-yet-untitled sophomore Velvet Hammer/AtlanticRecords effort, which is scheduled tentatively scheduled for an early spring release. Andy Wallace (i.e. LIMP BIZKIT, SEVENDUST, SYSTEM OF A DOWN) will reportedly mix the album, for which nearly 30 songs have been written, only about half of which will actually get tracked during the upcoming sessions.

Sweden's TAETRE will enter KING DIAMOND guitarist Andy LaRocque's Los Angered Recordings in February 2002 to record their as yet-untitled third album, due for release later in the year.

Tickets for DANZIG's upcoming gig at West Hollywood's The Whiskey, scheduled for December 28th, are currently available and are priced at $27.77. Several new songs, which are scheduled to appear on the band's upcoming Danzig 7: Kiss The Skull CD, will reportedly be included in the band's set.

Former CRIMSON GLORY vocalist Midnight's representatives have slammed ex-ATHEIST guitarist Rand Burkey over the six-stringer's last-minute contractual demands that have prevented Burkey and Midnight's two-song collaboration from appearing on the singer's upcoming EP, entitled M. According to the webmaster of Midnight's official web site, “a few months back, Midnight, [Sorcery Studios owner] Bryan and I formed a very special partnership. We set a lot of goals and every turn was filled with the magic stuff. As you all remember, our original EP deadline was set back due to an unfortunate power outage and the 9/11 incident. As a team, we set a new deadline. Midnight recruited a very good guitarist who was to assist him in creating two electric tracks that were to go on the EP. These were 'Seven Angels' (electric) &amp 'T42' (COOKFLOWER) demo). There were a few 'normal' delays in this process due to everyday life, but the two electric tracks finally began taking shape within our planned 'get it done' timeframe. Bryan and I reviewed every piece of track that was made available to us, as they became available. We were very pleased to hear what was being created throughout this process and continued to believe all was well until 'The Contract' talks arrived. 'The Contract' was put together by this guitarist [Rand Burkey] and was so ridiculous that Bryan and I just refused to sign. Bryan and I re-wrote major sections in order to reflect the proper who, what, when, where, and why. This process of back and forth bull**** continued for too long and and continued to cut into our 'get it done' deadline time. coughdeliberatecough We could not allow such delays to continue any longer. This contract created such a dark shadow over this whole project, Midnight, Bryan and I decided to cut all ties with this guitarist. This was done for the good of the whole project and for all of you. Midnight IMMEDIATELY entered another studio to record two new tracks for the EP so you would not be disappointed by losing the two electric tracks. These two *BRAND NEW* songs are 'T.V.Queens' and 'Monkey Song'. Both fit quite wonderfully into the EP's acoustic theme. Now.....Bryan and I worked feverishly on every aspect of this EP and did send it all off to the manufacturer for pressing just two weeks ago. This was a few weeks past our 'Get It Done' deadline. BOTTOM LINE: Any delays can easily be associated with a very tactful plan to delay this whole project with bull**** contracts that would have benefitted a hired guitarist more than it would have benefitted Midnight himself. Excuse us but.....FU** THAT!”


Burkey, for his part, has issued a statement explaining his position and his decision to offer a clip of “Seven Angels”, one of the two cuts he's recorded with Midnight, as a free download via his web site—a move that was strongly opposed by Midnight and his handlers. Here is Rand's statement in its entirety:


“Greetings loyal Midnight fans! This is the infamous Rand Burkey (ex-hired guitarist for Midnight's two songs). Before this thing gets out of hand, I would like to set the record straight...


“I was very happy to have had the opportunity to work with Midnight on this incredible project and we definitely had a great time doing it (aside from him spilling beer on my new carpet ha ha). It is great to see that Midnight has such a loyal group of fans that support him. I am very sorry about the 2 songs in question not being on the CD. They are very good and maybe if you ask Midnight about it, maybe he'll call me and we can make them available to you separate from Songs From The Attic [M's original title]. This thing got out of hand over a simple contract, which as you all know, is absolutely necessary when doing business like this. It is very important that certain particulars are covered in contracts between artists and whoever is collecting money on their behalf. Brian did not like the details of this contract. I don't know why because all it did was protect everyone involved very well. I can assure you that it was not a 'bull****' contract! Somebody accused me of 'tactics' at and in e-mails that I sent out to people. That is not true. I only placed the 'Seven Angels' clip at because I thought that people who haven't heard Midnight's new stuff might like to listen to it. It also served to hopefully increase sales of Songs From The Attic. I only e-mailed clips out to the fans to promote the CD. I worked very hard to create these songs for Midnight and his fans. It's too bad you won't get the chance to hear them. Rand Burkey

According to JUDAS PRIEST management co-ordinator Jayne Andrews, the Japan-only bonus cut on the group's current Demolition opus, “What's My Name”, “will shortly be available on a special edition of the album in Australia. At the moment there are no plans to release it in Europe, but who knows what may happen in the future!” Meanwhile, JUDAS PRIEST's current European tour is reportedly off to a good start, with the group's recent performance in Antwerpen, Belgium having received an excellent review at The Exciter unofficial PRIEST web site. Here is the full set list for JUDAS PRIEST's show at Hof Ter Lo in Antwerpen, Belgium that took place on Thursday, November 1st:


01. Metal Gods

02. Heading Out To The Highway

03. A Touch Of Evil

04. Blood Stained

05. Victim Of Changes

06. One on One

07. Ripper

08. Diamonds And Rust

09. Machine Man

10. Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown)

11. Beyond The Realms Of Death

12. Burn In Hell

13. Hell Is Home

14. Breaking The Law

15. You've Got Another Thing Comin'

First Encore

16. Painkiller

17. The Hellion / Electric Eye

18. United

19. Living After Midnight

Second Encore

20. Hell Bent For Leather

According to the Virgin Mega web site, Henry Rollins, former MOTLEY CRUE and current METHODS OF MAYHEM mainman Tommy Lee, KISS' Gene Simmons and Vanilla Ice make appearances in a new movie entitled The New Guy, Revolution Studio's newest teen comedy featuring DJ Qualls as a high school student who is trying to be the 'cool kid' and Eddie Griffin as a felon trying to help him. The film is due for release early in 2002.

Former DEEP PURPLE/WHITESNAKE vocalist David Coverdale had the following to say when asked about the song he had in mind for a possible duet with ex-DEEP PURPLE/BLACK SABBATH singer Glenn Hughes for Coverdale's new record, which is due to be recorded in early 2002: 'I haven't addressed the song I have in mind for Glenn and I, as yet...But, it is something I feel would be definately worth doing...The Return of the Original Unrighteous Brothers!!!...'

According to KONKHRA mainman Anders Lundemark, the third album by DAEMON, featuring Lundemark and STRAPPING YOUNG LAD drummer Gene Hoglan, “is mixed and the layout is underway. I'm not 100% sure who's going to release [it]. I'm talking to a couple of people about that. But it should be out early next year.” As for KONKHRA, drummer Johnny, who is suffering from hernia, just got “through the preliminary examination, and his operation is scheduled for 14th of December,” according to Lundemark. “There is 6 weeks of recovery involved and that means that we can't start rehearsing again until January, which ultimately delays the record so it won't hit the streets before the fall. We might be able to get it done sooner, but knowing the business, I'm convinced that we can't get something out before the fall.”

Here is a quote from ANVIL mainman Lips on the UFO influence in ANVIL's music and on guitar legend Michael Schenker: “I can give you some examples of UFO influence: 'Hot Child' (Hard and Heavy),'Jackhammer' (Metal on Metal),'Cut Loose' (Strength of Steel). These songs are somehow connected to UFO's Rock Bottom. They are single-note riffs, which are scattered throughout the ANVIL catalog. [UFO guitarist] Michael Schenker is a really mixed-up person. He's a genius guitarist who is as afraid of fame as he is of failure. I met him years ago when we played in Japan in '84. He said he'd love to hire me as an ego booster as I told him how great I thought he was. His attitude was very cynical, and I could tell he is a very unhappy miserable human being. His brother Rudolph is a much happier person, but let's face it SCORPIONS were a lot more successful than UFO or MSG. Every time Michael starts getting recognition, he quits the band. He doesn't like all the attention, I guess. I love his guitar playing, and if you can't hear the influence then you may have noticed that we both use Flying V guitars...”


Lips on the new OZZY album Down To Earth and the OZZY “phenomenon”: “The new OZZY is quite good, but…many vocal melodies are similar to his past recordings. I find a lot of OZZY has repetition, but so does AC/DC and AEROSMITH. That's what it sort of means when you sell out. People get used to a certain sound of a band and the band just gives the people more of the same just to satisfy them. In the end, lots of money is made to pay for the band's drug supply, because they are so bored from their own existence. Ha Ha Ha! But OZZY somehow continues, and his vocal melodies although limited, are wondrous to listen to, in the same way as [those of MOTORHEAD frontman] Lemmy. Character style singing is what really makes a rock singer. Most of the great singers have more character than talent. Mick Jagger is no Pavarotti, neither am I for that matter. Some singers have had both and that's super great, such as Rob Halford, Freddy Mercury, or even Barbra Streisand.”

Sweden's AMON AMARTH have started composing the music for their upcoming studio CD, which is tentatively due to be recorded at Abyss Studio in June/July for a late 2002 release. The band is tentatively due to embark on a US tour with MARDUK during January/February (previously postponed due to MARDUK's “visa problems”) and a full European tour is provisionally scheduled to take place during April/May.

SYSTEM OF A DOWN and DOG FASHION DISCO are due to play the following UK shows in the UK during March and April:


March 19 - Birmingham, UK @ Academy

March 20 - Birmingham, UK @ Academy

March 22 - Manchester, UK @ Academy

March 23 - Manchester, UK @ University

March 25 - Brixton, UK @ Academy

March 26 - Brixton, UK @ Academy

March 27 - Brixton, UK @ Academy

April 01 - Nottingham, UK @ Arena

Australia's PEGAZUS have finished recording all the songs for their new album, entitled The Headless Horseman, and will be back in the studio next week to mix and master the album. According to the group, the new songs “have a slightly heavier edge to them but still maintain the riffs, melodies and solid as hell drum beats that keep the classic PEGAZUS style and sound alive more than ever...and not trying to sound cliche like most bands when talking about their new album...but this we all do feel strongly is the killer album that we have been building up to as a band over the years and we definitely can't wait to unleash it out there for all you metalheads out there early next year!” The full track listing for The Headless Horseman is as follows:


01. The Headless Horseman

02. Nightstalker

03. A Call To Arms

04. The Patriot

05. Look To The Stars

06. Dragon Slayer

07. Spread Your Wings

08. Forever Chasing Rainbows

09. Victim

10. Neon Angel

11. Ballad Of A Thin Man

UK black metallers HECATE ENTHRONED have made one song off their current Miasma EP, 'Silenced But For Their Cries (I Am Born Part II)', available for download via the group's official web site at this location.

INTERNECINE, the side project of current HATE ETERNAL/MORBID ANGEL bassist/vocalist Jared Anderson, have signed to Hammerheart Records and are due to release their debut record, tentatively entitled The Book Of The Lambs, around April 2002. The album will be produced by Anderson's HATE ETERNAL and MORBID ANGEL bandmate Erik Rutan. If you would like more information about INTERNECINE, you can e-mail Jared directly at [email protected]. In related news, HATE ETERNAL's recently-cancelled show in Chile (which was to take place on October 31st) has been rescheduled for December 30th, 2001.

The new project of former HELLOWEEN guitarist Roland Grapow and drummer Uli Kusch started recording the drums on Halloween, October 31st under the guidance of producer Andy Sneap (i.e. MACHINE HEAD, SKINLAB, NEVERMORE, KREATOR). More information on the band, including its name, will be made available shortly.

Swedish neo-classical metallers NARNIA have recruited bassist Andreas Olsson to replace the recently-departed Jakob Persson. Here are a few details about Andreas' personal history, as told by the man himself: “I was born in Linköping, Sweden on February 17th 1978. My musical interest started very early and I began to play the cello at the age of 7. At the age of 11 I bought my uncle's electric guitar and started to play along with my rock heroes EUROPE. At the same time I started my first band DOJJORNA with a few friends at my school. We played something musically between pop and rock. A year after, my good friend Arvid Sjögedahl joined the band playing the drums. At the age of 15, Arvid and I left the band to form another band with the great guitarist Markus Einarsson. The band was later called BEYOND SILENCE. Since Markus was a much better guitar player than I was, I switched to bass guitar instead. We played a more symphonic rock style with influences from METALLICA, PINK FLOYD, MARILLION, EUROPE and RUSH. When I was 20 I moved to Stockholm to study music. I joined the melodic neoclassical metal band STORMWIND in the spring of ྟ, which I still am a member of. In the fall of ྟ I met Christian Liljegren and joined his solo project WISDOM CALL with Andreas J. When Jakob left NARNIA, I was asked to fill his place. I'm really honored to be a part of the NARNIA family, and I've liked the band from the beginning. I will do my best to bring my bass foundation into the music of NARNIA.”

PINK CREAM 69 guitarist Alfred Koffler, who was previously reported to be suffering from the Carpal Tunnel syndrome, has posted the following update on his current medical condition: “It's about time now to write a few words here about my my personal and about the band situation regarding my 'handicapped' guitar playing. I am currently under treatment by a specialist in Hannover who finally found out what the problem is with my left hand. He diagnosed what is called 'Focal Dystonia'. It is not a very common but a known disease occurring in musicians. Focal dystonia presents as painless muscular incoordination or loss of voluntary motor control of highly trained movements while playing the instrument. It's like a 'computer virus' in the sensory motor programs. As a general rule, complete recovery cannot be achieved, but I hope at least I can get back to a better level of guitar playing. As a matter of fact, even if I got to 'play with my feet', I am gonna continue making music and hopefully performing and making records with PINK CREAM 69. It's difficult to say at the moment when we are able to hit the stage again, but I hope it's gonna be soon, because it's just great to play in front of you guys! As I got the chance here, I wanna thank the band, the management and of course 'YOU' for your great support and patience in this case. I also wanna take the chance here to thank my girlfriend Eva for here endless support &amp understanding (she definitely needed a lot of patience with me in this case). All this helps me a lot getting through this! THANK YOU &amp I hope to see ya on tour soon.”

Here's an official statement from VIRGIN STEELE vocalist David DeFeis regarding the controversy surrounding the rights to the first two rare VIRGIN STEELE records, some of the material on which was recently re-recorded with the group's new line-up for the upcoming The Book Of Burning release:


“Dear Friends, VIRGIN STEELE fans &amp Ever Faithful, Eternal Metal Listeners,


“As regards the comments made by a certain Jack Starr, here is the true account of things. Yes in 1982, I did get together with Jack, to form the early version of the band. Yes we did record two albums and an EP. However, that... was a very long time ago, and in the intervening years, I made 9 (nine) other recordings with Edward Pursino on guitar, toured Europe extensively, achieved greater success both artistically and commercially, and in general became much more well known than the early line-up ever was.


Jack seems to have forgotten that he was only in the band for about 2 years. Edward has been with me for 18 glorious years! So... as far as the ultimate presentation of how those early works were to be revealed...I will reserve that right! I have been the guy who has been in the trenches the longest and who has made the name mean something to people all over the world with my music, not Jack. He wants to now ride down the road that I paved with my serious efforts and hard work!


“In truth, most of the VIRGIN STEELE fans today have little or no knowledge of the sound of the early band. For many, our Noble Savage album is thought to be the first album. I encounter this fact every time we tour. Therefore, I did not want to confuse any of our fans by putting out something that I felt would not be a true representation of who and what we are now/have achieved. So my plan was to reissue those works in an updated light. As I do own/possess all of the original master recordings, I began to re-master, and in some cases re-mix some of the first album. All was turning out quite well. I had informed Jack on many occasions of my plans, but for some reason, as I was nearing the completion of the first album's rebirth, he began making very unreasonable demands.


“He wanted me to basically take the old vinyl records and burn a CD master from them! He cares nothing for the quality of the sound reproduction, he just wanted to take the budget I was to have for the re-mastering, and pocket that. So in essence he is quite foolish, as I would have put out a quality release that the early members all could have been proud of and...could have received earnings from. Jack's unprofessional attitude and outlandish demands and his insulting remarks made me say forget it. It was not truly worth the aggravation. I have a superior band now and decided to re-record those songs that I liked the best from that period. We have done a killer job of re-recording tracks like 'Don't Say Goodbye (Tonight)', 'A Cry In The Night', 'Guardians Of The Flame', etc. I have every right to do this, as I am the composer! Yes, some songs were composed with Jack and yes if he wishes, he could re-record them too. I don't care.


“So in conclusion, The Book Of Burning is a collection of 8 early songs re-recorded, and 8 new songs. This work is 77 minutes long! It is not a rip off, it's a well recorded, well performed collection of cool songs that I have composed. Some of the new songs are composed by me and Edward and some are songs that were written by Jack and myself in 1997. Those 1997 songs have been newly re-written by me this year, and are vastly different than the demos I made with Jack. I certainly have every right to us those songs, as my name is on the copyrights because I wrote them! So there is no deception here. I am telling you exactly what I intend, a rarities album made by the True members of VIRGIN STEELE, those members who have been in the group for a very long time and have done serious roadwork with me. The old band never toured the world the way we do now! Those members were not really interested in keeping things together for the long duration or the long haul.


“So once again to clarify in everyone's mind, The Book Of Burning is a new creation, not a re-kindling of the past, but an exploration of older songs that I have composed, seen through new eyes/ears &amp technology today. The other album, Hymns To Victory, is the Best Of. As you see, Jack is seriously out of the loop! Hymns To Victory contains tracks which date from Noble Savage to today, and does includes some re-mixes of classic songs, plus re-masters and bonus tracks. All is stated very clearly for the

fans who are interested in knowing about these recordings. As far as Jack revealing the whole VIRGIN STEELE story....... Well...Jack has no knowledge of the whole VIRGIN STEELE story, because he was not around for it! He was only in the band for 2 years!!!


“I was there at the beginning, am still here now, and I always will be. Edward has been around for 18 years. And...We here in VIRGIN STEELE today, have created a beautiful family-like situation. The chemistry between Edward and myself is legendary. The contributions of Frank Gilchriest are enormous &amp multifaceted. Our new member Joshua Block is a real talent and our sometimes drummer Frank Zummo is fabulous as well. We all get along well and respect each other tremendously. It has been no secret all these years that I have been carrying the VIRGIN STEELE banner these many long years with help from the extraordinary family I just mentioned.


“Why has Jack not been able to sustain his career, or keep a band together, or land a record deal? We, VIRGIN STEELE, maintain our career, because of the honesty, integrity and quality we inject into every release, tour, interview, etc...!!! The fans know the score, the facts, the truth and acknowledge this.


“We thank you sincerely, the fans, the friends, the ever faithful eternal metal listeners, for your never ending support, faith, honour and belief. Stay well and remain Forever........INVICTUS!!! “BY THE HAMMER &amp THE NINE LET VICTORY BE THINE! BY THE GODS &amp GODDESSES, DAVID DEFEIS, VIRGIN STEELE, October 30th, 2002”


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