Archive News Nov 02, 2001

November 2, 2001

As exclusively reported here on October 5th, and subsequently denied (falsely) by none other than Mayorga himself (see news for October 9th, 2001),SOULFLY have enlisted former skinsman Roy Mayorga to replace the recently-departed Joe Nunez. The newly revamped group are currently at Phoenix, Arizona's (Brill Street) Chaton Studios recording their third full-length effort, which is scheduled to be produced by mainman Max Cavalera and engineered by Otto D'Agnolo, who had previously collaborated with Cavalera on the two NAILBOMB releases (Point Blank and Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide) and SOULFLY's cover of BLACK SABBATH's “Under The Sun” for the Nativity In Black II tribute CD. According to a posting on the Roadrunner Records web site, SOULFLY have completed tracking about five songs so far, and they expect to be done recording in about five weeks. Although it has yet to be confirmed, sources indicate that SOULFLY are hoping to once again enlist producer Andy Wallace to mix the effort, which is tentatively scheduled to be released in the spring. Among the titles set to appear on the CD are 'Downstroy' and 'Enterfaith', both of which were recently demoed with former SACRED REICH drummer Greg Hall pounding the skins.

Acclaimed Swedish metallers IN FLAMES will be supporting SLIPKNOT at the latter band's headlining US shows that are scheduled to take place between November 20th and December 21st. Only two dates have thus far been leaked. They are as follows:


Nov. 23 - Columbus, OH @ PromoWest Pavilion

Nov. 25 - Monaca, PA @ Beaver Dome

MACHINE HEAD (aka TEN TON HAMMER) performed a Halloween night show at the Pound in San Francisco, where they reportedly appeared dressed as MOTLEY CRUE (click to see photographic evidence) and ran through a number of special cover versions and several MH classics for a capacity crowd that apparently had a ragingly good time. Here is a rough set list for this very special performance that was described by Flynn as “out of hand” (in no particular order):


01. Shout At The Devil (MOTLEY CRUE)

02. The Hellion (J. PRIEST) / Bulldozer

03. The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears

04. Old

05. The Love Boat Theme

06. Number Of The Beast (IRON MAIDEN)

07. American High

08. Binary Sunset / Territory (SEPULTURA)

09. From This Day

10. Davidian

11. Live Wire (MOTLEY CRUE)

12. Roots (SEPULTURA) / Trooper (IRON MAIDEN) / Iron Man (BLACK SABBATH)

13. Ten Ton Hammer

OZZY OSBOURNE's Down To Earth has become the 53-year-old BLACK SABBATH vocalist's first-ever album to top the Swedish Pop Album charts. Click here to see the article that appeared in today's edition of the Stockholm newspaper Aftonbladet.

Here are some of the latest official gold and platinum certification from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association Of America):


Gold (500,000 copies sold):

JUDAS PRIEST - Priest...Live! (release date: 6/9/87)

PUDDLE OF MUDD - Come Clean (release date: 8/28/01)


Platinum (1,000,000 copies sold):

SYSTEM OF A DOWN - Toxicity (release date: 9/4/01)

P.O.D. - Satellite (release date: 9/11/01)

NICKELBACK - Silver Side Up (release date: 9/11/01)

SLIPKNOT - Iowa (release date: 8/28/01)


Multi Platinum:

DISTURBED - The Sickness (release date: 3/7/00) (2x platinum)

JUDAS PRIEST - Screaming For Vengeance (release date: 6/23/82) 2x platinum

AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE guitarist Dave Rogers was reportedly arrested Wednesday night by New Jersey policemen for public lewdness after their show at the Continental Airlines Arena. After the band's set, the group's last on the Pledge of Allegiance tour, five state police officers arrested Rogers backstage after he played the entire show naked. The situation was resolved at the venue. He'll have to report to a New Jersey court at a later date. Here's what Rogers had to say in his defense: 'What's the big f.cking deal? I run around naked all the time. I guess the cops were threatened by my manhood.' This was actually the second time Rogers performed in the buff (the first time was at Ozzfest earlier this summer),but escaped prosecution the first time. AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE are currently touring in support of their #1 Billboard Heatseekers debut album, The War of Art (American/Island Def Jam). Now that their stint on the Pledge of Allegiance tour is over, they'll be heading out with SLAYER for six weeks starting November 2nd.

A review of the opening night showing of the Merry Mayhem tour at the Tucson Convention Center on October 31st, featuring OZZY OSBOURNE, ROB ZOMBIE, MUDVAYNE and SOIL has been posted at the Rolling Stone web site at this location.

British black metal sensation CRADLE OF FILTH are currently composing material for the group's first album for Sony Records, and according to a report that was published in Kerrang!, they have no intention of watering down their sound for a mainstream audience. 'I don't care what the label expects, they can expect to get a f**king CRADLE OF FILTH album, and that's it,' vocalist Dani Filth told the magazine. 'They wouldn't have signed us if they didn't like what we were doing and there's no point cumming in the ingredients. I think we'll try to take the best bits from all our previous stuff, basically. The songs are more like proper songs now though, they're going to be a bit simpler. We might de-tune on this album, too, just to get a heavier vibe to it.' CRADLE OF FILTH's next album is expected to emerge in the first half of 2002 via the Sony label.

Former LIMP BIZKIT guitarist Wes Borland has set EAT THE DAY as the name for his new group, which also includes his brother Scott on guitar, Greg Isabella on drums and Kyle Weeks taking care of the sampling/Djing duties. No bassist has yet been enlisted for the group, whose debut album is set to be produced by acclaimed knob-twiddler Ross Robinson, who had previously collaborated with Wes on LIMP BIZKIT's debut release, Three Dollar Bill Y'All. EAT THE DAY's debut album is expected to be issued during the second half of 2002.

DANZIG will perform a one-off show at the Whiskey in West Hollywood, California on December 28th. Tickets go on sale at the Whiskey box office this Saturday, November 3rd at 8:00 PM. Beginning Monday, November 5th, tickets will be available at all Ticketmaster locations.

DEF LEPPARD drummer Rick Allen turned 38 yesterday, November 1st.

The DEADSY track 'The Key To Gramercy Park', which features an appearance by KORN vocalist Jonathan Davis and which is scheduled to be the first single from the group's long-delayed Elementree/Dreamworks Records debut, Commencement, can be heard in the film Life as a House, which opens nationwide today, November 2nd. It's featured in a scene where actor Hayden Christensen, playing the disaffected son of actor Kevin Kline, listens to “The Key…” while ignoring all else around him. Commencement is tentatively set to be released early next year.

INTERNAL BLEEDING upcoming studio release, entitled Hatefuel, will reportedly contain songs dealing with the September 11th terrorist attack that left over 5,000 people dead or missing. Hatefuel is tentatively scheduled to be recorded early next year for a mid-200 release through Olympic Recordings.

Former DOKKEN bassist Jeff Pilson has joined forces with ex-DOKKEN guitarist George Lynch in a new, as-yet-unnamed band, which is tentatively scheduled to issue and album in early 2002. In the latest online posting via his official web site at, Pilson states that “several days ago, I received a phone call from someone representing George Lynch, saying he wanted to discuss the possibility of recording together. Within hours George and I were talking by phone, for the first time in over four years. And by the next day George, who happened to be in LA, came over and we spent the day together—mostly laughing, but starting serious talks about making the record we've wanted to make together for the last 18 years. We listened to each other's stuff, then came up with a game plan to begin recording in the next few weeks. So, this is official—George and I will be doing a new record, which I anticipate will be released in the spring of 2002. And let me tell you, it's going to completely blow your mind—George is BACK!!! I was so excited when I heard his ideas, I felt like I was sitting on his couch in Orange County in the spring of 1984, preparing to write Tooth and Nail! This will have a definite vintage LYNCH MOB feel, still very melodic [my voice tends to be pretty melodic], but with a heavy groove that is so 'Lynch'—people will freak! I'm dying to play this for everyone. It was also just real nice to see George, to get beyond all the crap from the past, and catch up. He seems real happy. His family is doing quite well, and he really has the hunger to make some powerful music. When George is inspired, watch out—no one has more fire or soul. So I'll keep everyone updated with details, but we start working together in a few weeks, and I'm really excited and happy about this. It puts all the other issues in a much better perspective.”


Regarding his split with DOKKEN, Pilson states that “it looks like I've been replaced in DOKKEN, though it still isn't official [as in not being directly told]. I still only have my information regarding that from what I have read at, but it appears another player will play on the new record, and tour as well. As I've stated before, I really don't want this to turn into a war of words, but I do want to clear a few things up. Though my schedule was at its all-time heaviest, I made a strong, concerted effort to work out a reasonable schedule in which I'd be able to participate in the new record. At one point, when my movie commitments were at their most hectic, I was even willing to not be involved in the writing and do what I could to just play and sing on the record. This would ordinarily not be what I'd choose because the writing is so important, but if the band wanted to get going, I wasn't going to get in the way. I had also been told that a great deal of material was already written. Then I requested to get that material so I could do my own homework and be prepared to record. I never got a response, nor any material. Then when my movie stuff was over, I started writing for the band, still waiting to hear a response. At that point certain issues appeared on the business level which, though I can't discuss, I will say are very serious and involved. At that point is where the stalemate occurred, and the decision was made to move on.


“But I don't want to dwell on all this. The truth is I've had several wonderful years in DOKKEN, and more amazing experiences than I could've ever asked for. I'm truly grateful to the band, for a great career together, and for the honor of making some seriously strong music, which still means something to many people today. And isn't that the goal of any songwriter, to be timelessly relevant, and meaningful? We achieved that on a certain level, and for that I'm truly appreciative and thankful. We entertained together, from small clubs to football stadiums, and grew up together in this very unorthodox world of music and the music business. Some of the worst times, and many of the best times in my life were spent in this group. But that's just it, there were so many times. And at the end of the day, we've all survived. So to all DOKKEN members, past and present, thanx for everything, and best of luck on your new path.”

Guitarist Paul Crook (ex-ANTHRAX) and former SKID ROW vocalist Sebastian Bach performed a live rendition of 'Science Fiction Double Feature' from the Rocky Horror Picture Show on the Joan Hamburg Show (WOR radio) several days ago. As previously reported, Bach is currently starring in The Rocky Horror Show, another Broadway production, with eight shows scheduled a week until January 6, 2002 (except November 8, 9, 10, &amp 11). For tickets, call (212) 239-6200.

German power metallers PRIMAL FEAR have completed yet another track, entitled “We Go Down”, for their upcoming studio album, Black Sun, which is due in mid-2002.

GRAVE DIGGER's brand new release, entitled The Grave Digger, has entered the German Media Control Album charts at position #47.

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson has recorded two songs with GEORDIE II, the band with whom he was reunited for a series of shows in the North East of England, according to TotalRock. The tunes in question, “Byker Hill” and “Wor Geordie's Lost His Liggie”, will be included on a 20-CD box set entitled Northumbria Anthology, which is scheduled for release later this month. The box set features songs reflecting the cultural heritage of the region.

German progresive metallers VANDEN PLAS have cancelled their scheduled appearance at the Progpower USA Festival, which will be held Nov. 9-10 at Earthlink Live (formerly known as Center Stage) in Atlanta, Georgia. Here is the group's official statement on the matter:


“For many weeks now, the members of VANDEN PLAS have been looking forward to participating in and performing at the Progpower USA Festival in Atlanta. This was something that we were very eagerly anticipating, particularly since this would have been our first trip to the US. This fact combined with the killer line-up of this Progressive Festival promised to make this one of the most outstanding concerts and experiences of our career.


“After the terrible acts of terror on September 11th, inevitably some of the members of the band started to have doubts about the security of such a trip to America. Nevertheless we decided to fly.


“Unfortunately, after the recent and serious statements in the press made by the US government, which warned that more acts of terror were to be expected within the next week, the doubts came up again. After many long and difficult discussions among the band members we have come to the conclusion that it would not be possible to put these fears completely to rest. Therefore we have regretfully decided to cancel our performance.


“We can understand the possible disappointment of the fans and we are fully aware of the difficult situation that this has created for (ProgPower promoter) Glenn Harveston, who did everything to make our stay as secure and comfortable as possible.


“We are very saddened by the fact that we now find ourselves living in a time when the freedom and opinions of people can be can altered by cruel acts of terror. We want to point out that we do not see this as a victory for terrorism, instead we look at this sad decision much more as an acceptance of responsibility to remain safe for the sake of our families and loved ones.


“Words cannot express how sorry we are for having to make this decision. Sometime in the near future, we truly hope to receive an opportunity to make it up to our fans and to fulfil the expectations that people have set for us.

“Very Sincerely, “Stephan &amp Andreas Lill, Andy Kuntz, Torsten Reichert, and Gunter WernoVANDEN PLAS

A statement from the camp of RAGE guitarist Victor Smolski: “A undreamt-of success was registered last months as the song 'Straight To Hell', composed by Victor for the RAGE album Welcome To The Other Side was used for the soundtrack of the most successful German movie production called Der Schuh des Manitu. More than 11 million spectators already saw this movie! Moreover that 'Straight To Hell' was also released on a soundtrack CD of the movie and on a Best Of—All G.U.N. Years CD, which contain a cross-section through the last 6 CD's of the band RAGE. Next year another music production for a movie will keep Victor busy. He has to compose the whole music for a historical, Russian war-movie called Anastasia Sluzkaja by direction of the russion director Jankovski. Maybe this background scenery can also be used for a video clip [that] RAGE will probably produce next year.”

SEVEN WITCHES, featuring SAVATAGE guitarist Jack Frost and ex-CRIMSON GLORY singer Wade Black, have enlisted former DESTINY'S END drummer Brian Craig and are currently recording their debut album, entitled Xiled To InfinityAnd One. Produced by FATES WARNING/ARMORED SAINT bassist Joey Vera, the upcoming CD will include two tracks written and sung by SAVATAGE vocalist Jon Oliva.

THE FALLEN will be entering the studio on November 18th with producer Bill Metoyer to begin tracking their Metal Blade debut, entitled Front Toward Enemy. Originally scheduled to begin recording early next year, THE FALLEN have preempted those plans and are to begin work on the new CD in several weeks. Recording will take place in North Hollywood at the recording and rehearsal facility of FATES WARNING drummer Mark Zonder. The exact release date has not yet been set, but the disc should be out sooner than expected (April/May 2002). THE FALLEN have 12 songs ready to record, with the finishing touches being applied in the weeks before recording begins. THE FALLEN will also be hitting the road this weekend for a show in Sacramento, CA. at the Hard Luck Saloon, on Saturday, November 3rd. The Hard Luck is a relatively new venue for live music and is currently owned by Cory, drummer of the band PSYPHERIA.

BAD RELIGION's “Sorrow”, taken from the group's upcoming The Process of Belief CD, can be downloaded from this location. According to the band, “Sorrow” is a “personally meaningful song that also speaks to a world that has seen enough sorrow to last a lifetime”.

CORNERSTONE, the project featuring YNGWIE MALMSTEEN/ex-RAINBOW vocalist Doogie White and ROYAL HUNT bassist Steen Mogensen, are mixing their second album, entitled Human Stain at Media Sound Studios in Copenhagen, under the guidance of Peter Brander, who also was in charge of the mixing of the group's debut, Arrival. The full track listing for Human Stain is as follows:


01. Unchosen One

02. Wounded Land

03. Some People Fly

04. Singing Alone

05. House Of Nevermore

06. Midnight In Tokyo

07. Forever Young

08. Future Rising

09. Resurrection Sympathy

10. Sail On Stormy Waters

11. Candy Man


According to a statement on the group's official web site, “the record company in Europe, Massacre, are very excited by the sound, direction and songs on this new album. It's a departure from Arrival and we wanted to explore other musical avenues and not just make Arrival 2. This is both our vision of taking CORNERSTONE forward, taking a little from the well from the past and a bold vision of the future. It would be nice to think that with this album we have enough variety to do some gigs here and there. YES, we have talked about it and it is something we are both keen to do!! I hope we get the chance to do that album launch thing again... Maybe one in Denmark and a couple elsewhere.”


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