Archive News Nov 12, 2001

November 12, 2001

NEVERMORE have dismissed as “totally false” the statement issued by the group's record company, Century Media Records, on Thursday, October 8th that indicated that the band had withdrawn from the five-date east coast/midwest tour with OVERKILL (which was scheduled to run from November 25th through December 2nd) in order to begin work on the highly anticipated follow-up to Dead Heart In A Dead World. In two separate e-mails to BLABBERMOUTH.NET sent by vocalist Warrel Dane and a subsequent statement posted at the group's official web site, NEVERMORE make it clear that they feel the label's press release was nothing but a ploy to apply pressure on the band to re-sign with the company before the recording of Seattle act's forthcoming CD, which will fulfill the group's obligations under NEVERMORE's current contract with Century Media. The band's statement reads as follows: “[Century Media] has put out a press statement that appeared on BLABBERMOUTH.NET and Brave Words... It is totally false. We did not withdraw from the tour to work on our new CD. We were told the tour was cancelled. At this time they are trying to force us to re-sign before our contract is come to your own conclusions.'

JUDAS PRIEST management co-ordinator Jayne Andrews has confirmed that classic Australian rockers HEAVEN will be the support act to JUDAS PRIEST on their upcoming Australian tour, which is scheduled to begin on November 30th in Perth and run through the December 7th date in Brisbane. According to Andrews, “the final decision about support bands is up to us and we are taking HEAVEN on a few of the Australian dates with us. They have been recommended by the [Australian] promoter and we are quite happy with them being on the bill.” There has been no official word, however, as to whether HEAVEN will in fact be the show opener on JUDAS PRIEST's upcoming North American trek—as first reported by last week—which is also scheduled to include ANTHRAX in the middle slot. More information on this as it becomes available.

STUCK MOJO's much-anticipated reunion gig on New Year's Eve (December 31st) will take place at The Cotton Club in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here are some of the latest sales figures in the US for various metal/hard rock releases, as reported by Soundscan for the week ending November 4th, 2001 (number in parenthesis indicates the numbers of weeks the title has been on the sales chart):


NICKELBACK – Silver Side Up: 1,004,928 (8)

LINKIN PARK – Hybrid Theory: 3,914,977 (54)

INCUBUS – Morning View: 376,887 (2)

SYSTEM OF A DOWN – Toxicity: 817,286 (9)

STAIND – Break The Cycle: 3,662,861 (24)

OZZY OSBOURNE – Down To Earth: 269,374 (3)

PUDDLE OF MUDD – Come Clean: 522,015 (10)

SLIPKNOT – Iowa: 553,043 (10)

SLIPKNOT – Slipknot: 1,345,891 (123)

DROWNING POOL – Sinner: 862,636 (22)

ADEMA – Adema: 195,366 (11)

METALLICA – Metallica: 12,890,072 (484)

MISFITS – Cuts From The Crypt: 4,811 (1)

SOIL – Scars: 34,433 (8)

MUDVAYNE – L.D. 50: 451,899 (44)

STATIC-X – Machine: 309,161 (24)

MACHINE HEAD – Supercharger: 24,202 (5)

NO ONE – No One: 25,140 (2)

PRIMER 55 – New Release: 51,491 (12)

STEREOMUD – Perfect Self: 106,939 (24)

QUEENSRYCHE – Live Evolution: 20,727 (6)

SLAYER – God Hates Us All: 121,179 (8)

SLIPKNOT have announced additional shows for their forthcoming rescheduled European tour (originally postponed due to the current political climate). The confirmed dates are as follows:


Jan. 20 – Hartwell - Helsinki, FIN

Jan. 22 - Hovet - Stockholm, SWE

Jan. 23 - Valby Hall - Copenhagen, DEN

Jan. 25 - Arena - Berlin, GER

Jan. 26 - Grugahalle - Essen, GER

Jan. 27 - Sporthalle - Stuttgart, GER

Jan. 29 - Sporthalle - Hamburg, GER

Jan. 30 - Heineken Music Hall - Amsterdam, NETH

Feb. 04 - Filaforum - Milan, ITA

Feb. 05 - Eulachhalle - Winterthur, Nr. Zurich, SWI

Feb. 07 - Indoor Bullring - Madrid, SPA

Feb. 08 - Indoor Bullring - San Sebastian, SPA

Feb. 10 - Zenith - Paris, FRA

Feb. 11 - Zenith - Paris, FRA

Feb. 12 - Forest National - Brussels, BEL

Feb. 14 – SECC - Glasgow, UK SECC

Feb. 15 - Evening News Arena - Manchester, UK

Feb. 16 - London Docklands Arena – London, UK

Feb. 18 – Centre – Brighton, UK

Feb. 19 – Arena – Cardiff, UK

Feb. 20 – NEC – Birmingham, UK

LIMP BIZKIT frontman Fred Durst—fresh from his appearance with PUDDLE OF MUDD's Wes Scantlin at the MTV Europe Video Music Awards, which were held in Frankfurt, Germany on November 8th—has posted the following message via the group's official web site at


“Holy sh.t!!!!!!!!! Man I had a great time in Germany. It was so tight. Wes from PUDDLE and I went over to the VMA's and just straight up had a f.cking blast!! I sang 'Thank You' by LED ZEPPELIN with Wes from PUDDLE on the acoustic and the one and only JIMMY PAGE!!!! He is absolutely the most influential guitar player in my life. It was a dream come true. Wes and I couldn't f.cking believe it was really happening, but it damn sure did, pahleeze bahleeve!!!! And I am so stoked to have accepted THREE vma's on behalf of LIMP BIZKIT. We thank you sooooooo much for believing in our music and vibe. Words will never truly give you the feelings we're feeling about your support, but our actions will tell all. And a big 'you're the sh.t' to everyone on the site and in the chat because you made this address a true home in cyberworld. I am honored to be associated with all of you, thank you again. I'm in NYC right now at the 4 seasons waiting on DMX to get to the studio. I came here to do a song with him for his new soundtrack. I'm stoked. I think I'm going to Ground Zero [i.e. World Trade Center site] tomorrow to be inspired. I hear on MTV News that Wes [Borland] has a new band already, damn. We wish him all the luck in the world and hope he is finally happy. LIMP BIZKIT is still in the house and we feel stronger and more inspired than ever. I really believe this search for a new guitar player is gonna uncover something truly amazing. I hope you're as excited as we are. You learn in life to not dwell and to look at things as opportunities to excel instead of being set back. We haven't let you down yet and have no ulterior motives. Remember, guitarists of all ages, all walks of life, boys and girls. its on!! I think you can tell we have a lot to say and a lot to release on this new album. It's gonna get ugly!! Well, I'm just chillin' in the stupid hotel room. Maybe I'll log onto and find some more dope pics. Also I'll be uploading some dope pics from Germany. Thank you again for being here for us during the times we truly need you. Everyone will have those times at one point and I pray they have some support as devoted as you are. Pahleeze bahleeve!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to head to the chizzy chat : o ) Fred





OZZY OSBOURNE has been forced by doctors to postpone ten dates on the Merry Mayhem tour due to a stress fracture in his leg. The fracture occurred when OZZY fell coming out of the shower before the Tucson show on 10/31. He was unaware that the leg was fractured and continued to perform each night until the pain became unbearable. It was only yesterday [November 8th] that OZZY went to the doctor and discovered that his fall had resulted in a stress fracture injury to his leg. The doctor immediately ordered OZZY to stay off his leg and to cease touring to prevent further injury.


OZZY is flying back to Los Angeles today to consult with his personal physician to assess the extent of his injuries and to determine when he can resume touring. The dates will remain postponed until otherwise notified. The dates immediately affected are as follows:


Nov. 09 - Houston, TX @ Compaq Center

Nov. 10 - Bossier City, LA @ CenturyTel Arena

Nov. 12 - Knoxville, TN @ Thompson Boling Arena

Nov. 14 - Nashville, TN @ Gaylord Entertainment Center

Nov. 15 - Cleveland, OH @ Gund Arena

Nov. 17 - Cincinnati, OH @ Firstar Center

Nov. 19 - Birmingham, AL @ BJCC

Nov. 21 - West Palm Bch, FL @ Mars Music Amphitheater

Nov. 23 - Greensboro, NC @ Greensboro Coliseum

Nov. 24 - Atlanta, GA @ Philips Arena


Further news regarding OZZY OSBOURNE's condition, and the rescheduling of the dates postponed, will be forthcoming as soon as it becomes available.

The brand new band of former HELLOWEEN guitarist Roland Grapow and drummer Uli Kusch is currently going by the moniker MR. TORTURE. However, the new name is not yet set in stone, as the duo are asking for the fans' opinions and new suggestions, which can be submitted via Grapow's official web site at this location. To check out the group's proposed new logo, click here.

Current unconfirmed reports indicate that former HEATHEN vocalist David White (aka David Godfrey) is going to be contributing lead vocals to an upcoming demo by the Los Angeles progressive metallers PROTOTYPE, and he may make an appearance with the group at their upcoming hometown show, which is scheduled to take place on November 30th at Paladino's in Tarzana (where the group will appear as support to FLOTSAM AND JETSAM). More information on this as it becomes available.

AEROSMITH will be making a live appearance on MTV's TRL today between 3:30 PM and 5:00 PM. The band is also set to appear on the Carson Daly Radio Countdown show on Wednesday, November 14th at 11:00 AM.

IMPELLITERRI, freshly reunited with former RAINBOW/MSG vocalist Graham Bonnet, have finished mixing their much-anticipated new CD, tentatively entitled System X, with producer Mudrock (i.e. GODSMACK, CHIMAIRA). An early 2002 release is expected.

DANZIG have added yet another West Hollywood, California Sunset Strip live appearance for this coming New Year's Eve weekend—this one taking place on Saturday, December 29th at the Roxy. According to the group's official web site, DANZIG will be performing a totally different set at the Roxy to the one they will perform at the Whiskey show on December 28th. Tickets for the Roxy gig will go on sale this Wednesday, November 14th. The statement on the group's web site goes on to say that “as many DANZIG fans know, over the years DANZIG have always gone back and done special intimate shows for their fans at the Whisky. Since the band will not be on tour until spring when DANZIG 7:77 will be released, they decided to do these small shows on the Strip as a sort of payback for their fans loyal support over the years. We don't have to tell you that DANZIG is one of the ONLY bands that still does this!! Because the set list will be different every night, the band will be performing songs they haven't played on stage in many, many years FROM EVERY SINGLE DANZIG ALBUM and possibly a few from DANZIG 7:77!”

German thrashers DESTRUCTION are scheduled to announce the identity of their brand new skinsman—the replacement for the recently-departed Sven Vormann—via their official web site at today, November 12th. At the moment, a statement on the aforementioned site only refers to latest addition to the group's ranks as “Marc”. We'll have more info on this as soon as it becomes available.

SKINLAB guitarist Snake recently spoke to Britain's Terrorizer magazine about the group's decision to remix their latest effort, entitled tHE reVOLTING ROOM: dISTURBING tHE aRT oF eXPRESSION, with producer Andy Sneap (i.e. NEVERMORE, KREATOR, STUCK MOJO) after the original mix, done by producer Steve Evetts was deemed unsatisfactory. According to Snake, “after [the CD] was mastered we weren't really happy with the guitar tones. They weren't representing SKINLAB. We found out that Andy Sneap had a little bit of time to fit us in, so we came over as soon as we could. It went good and I'm glad we decided to go that route. Guitars—Andy Sneap's the master! Would we consider working with him again? Of course.” Tentatively scheduled for release in March through Century Media Records, tHE reVOLTING ROOM: dISTURBING tHE aRT oF eXPRESSION is “a lot more mature than [1999's Disembody—The New Flesh]”, stated Snake. “We took about a year writing it and really concentrated on what felt good. There aren't as many fast songs, but it's brutal. It's more of an emotional roller coaster. Steev (Esquivel, bassist/vocalist) is still screamin' but he's got a couple of new ways of singing too! It's not like the jump up and sown music that's around now. You can definitely headbang and get into a mosh pit. I think the first single's gonna be 'Slave The Way' and we're gonna be shooting a video for that [very soon].”

DOKKEN mainman Don Dokken has responded to the recent statements made by former DOKKEN bassist Jeff Pilson and the announcement of Pilson's upcoming collaboration with ex-DOKKEN guitarist George Lynch via the following posting at the group's official web site at


“Hello out there in cyber land, I thought It was time to reply to some of your Q's. First—the new LP will be out in February now to give us time to film a video, and a quick tour starting late December into January. Then we're off to Europe, then back for a LONG summer run into next year. Second, the DOKKEN live 95 [CD] should be out the same time and we'll have it at the shows as well. Third—I've read almost everything tonight on Jeff's site and George's, as well as the comments on Dokken Central. Fourth—it doesn't really matter what's being said about the goings on in DOKKEN land. I'm sure if Jeff and George do an LP together it will very cool. Five—there is only ONE truth and only one about Jeff being out of the band. Six—that truth is, Jeff said to [drummer] Mick [Brown] at the end of the POISON tour he was leaving DOKKEN. I didn't believe it, so I waited almost a year for him to finish his other projects. Seven—I have only spoken to Jeff ONCE in this year directly. Since we did not hear from him and he would not return any of Mick's or my calls, I could only assume he was not interested in doing another LP with us. Analogy—HE QUIT! Eight—the three most important things in my life are my children, my music, and our fans. Without you, we are nothing. I wish Jeff, as he said, the best. The difference is, I mean it! Nine—since he has refused to talk to me but once in over a year I have no way of knowing why he decided not to do another LP as a member of DOKKEN. Maybe he just got burned out on the style of music we do. He has many different influences than me. Ten—for the record, the members of DOKKEN were always equal. No one member has the right to replace a member. 11—Mick and myself were looking forward to Jeff's musical contribution's to the new LP. He has great ideas. I'm sure he'll do some interesting things in the future. 12—Though I regret his leaving, for the sake of our fans and the group DOKKEN, WE had to move on. It's been way too long since our last LP as you well know. 13—We will give you our best and if things keep going the way they have been in the studio, this new one will kick some major rock butt. With some help from the powers upstairs, I hope to see you all on tour starting late December. And of course, with some help from those of you that like rokken the only way we know how. D D

According to Leanne Ridgeway of 1605 Records, our previously-posted item that indicated that 1605 was currently on the lookout for new acts to add to their current roster is “not quite accurate. At the moment, we are not offering recording contracts to bands. We don't want to confuse people or put dollar signs in their eyes just yet. At this stage, we are first interested in promoting selected new talent and also opening an additional area within for these same bands. Giving them an opportunity to get their foot in the door, so to speak. Once we are to the stage where we are offering a recording contract, we'll be sure to notify everyone.” Apologies to Leanne and 1605 for any misunderstanding or inconvenience that might have been caused by our previous report.

DEF LEPPARD's performance at the Viva World Cup World Rock festival in Seoul, Korea has been 'postponed due to logistical reasons', according to the band's management. The band was scheduled to play on November 12th, but the entire festival, which was supposed to be held in conjunction with the 2002 FIFA World Cup football/soccer tournament pre-celebrations, has been postponed until a later date. No further details have been announced. DEF LEPPARD will now stay in Dublin to continue working on their next album, according to the group's official web site.

German melodic metallers EDGUY were forced to cancel their November 9th show in Strasbourg, France after frontman Tobias Sammet came down with an unspecified illness. However, the Strasbourg fans will get a chance to see the group when the rescheduled show takes place on December 11th.

Veteran Canadian metallers ANVIL have set Still Going Strong as the title to their forthcoming CD, which is tentatively scheduled to come out during March. Meanwhile, ANVIL mainman Lips recently responded to a fan's observation that only a couple of ANVIL's songs are written in the first person by stating the following: “It's interesting that you notice that only a couple of songs are writen in first person (I). 'Park That Truck' was and for that reason it was very unusual for me to perform. I honestly didn't like the message but [drummer] Robb [Reiner] insisted we do the lyrics like that…For me it seemed far nastier than I believe in, The subject bothered me then and still does to this day. Somehow, really violent themes seem to go hand-in-hand with heavy metal music, and expressing things of beauty and wonderment is much more difficult to fit with this type of music. Singing about roses in the garden doesn't come across too heavy, but singing about decapitation can't help but sound heavy. You are correct though—singing in first person has a much sharper edge and if and when I use this format I always try to be careful not to make myself seem foolish or stupid. I like songs that the singer tells a life experience, but it is all a matter of what the piece of music is behind the lyric. Most of the time you look for a hook line that has a specific amount of syllables or beats so that it fits on top of the music. For every song there are all kinds of parameters you must work within, not just what it says, but melody and rhythm.”

British doomsters CATHEDRAL will be playing one show supporting NAPALM DEATH in London on November 26th at the Astoria. This will be the band's last show for some time before starting to concentrate on writing material for their seventh album, which will be the group's first for new label Dreamcatcher Records (following CATHEDRAL's split with Earache Records earlier in the year).

Legendary drummer Carmine Appice (i.e. OZZY OSBOURNE, BLUE MURDER) played at a jam for a charity World Trade Center benefit at the Key Club in West Hollywood, California on November 5th. Carmine played Spencer Davis' mega-hit “Gimme Some Lovin'” with Davis, Keith Emerson, Howard Leese, Kelly Keeling and others.

Swedish melodic power metal gods NOCTURNAL RITES will begin recording their as-yet-untitled new album in about three weeks' time. No additional studio information is presently available, but among the song titles that are due to appear on the upcoming CD are:


01. Underworld

02. Vengeance

03. Shadowland

04. Faceless God

Here are the confirmed dates for the upcoming (rescheduled) MARDUK/AMON AMARTH US Crusade Of Darkness tour:


Jan. 11 - St. Paul, MN @ The Lab

Jan. 12 – Aurora, IL @ Riley's

Jan. 13 – Detroit, MI @ Shelter

Jan. 14 – Cleveland, OH @ Flying Machine

Jan. 15 – Indianpolis, IN @ Emerson Theatre

Jan. 17 – Randolph, NJ @ Obesession

Jan. 18 – Brooklyn, NY @ Lamour

Jan. 20 – Montreal, QUE @ Foufounes

Jan. 22 - W. Springfield, VA @ Jaxx

Jan. 25 – Jacksonville, FL @ Imperial Lounge

Jan. 27 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room

Jan. 29 – Houston, TX @ Cardi's

Jan. 30 – Edingburg, TX @ Trenton Point Music Hall

Feb. 01 - El Paso, TX @ E-9

Feb. 02 – Albuquerque, NM @ Launchpad

Feb. 03 – Phoenix, AZ @ Mason Jar

Germany's EVERON will enter the studio in late January to record two full-length albums, one representing the “heavier” side of the band while the other will reportedly feature a more “ballad”-oriented approach. Both albums, tentatively titled Bridge and Flesh, are scheduled to be released through Mascot Records later in mid-to-late 2002.

New York death metallers INTERNAL BLEEDING are in the process of finalizing the recording dates for their upcoming Hatefuel effort, which is tentatively scheduled to be released in the spring/summer of 2002 through Olympic Records. Among the song titles that are set to appear on the forthcoming CD are:


01. Siege

02. Far Above You

03. Hatefuel

Sweden's HYPNOSIA are currently writing and arranging songs for the follow up to last year's Extreme Hatred album. Tentatively titled World Sacrifice, the upcoming effort “is a logical step forwards for the ban,” according to a statement on the group's web site. “The new album will be dominated by very fast and aggressive thrash/death metal, but with a few new inputs and ideas to be explored within the boundaries of what can be considered to be the HYPNOSIA sound. World Sacrifice will be recorded at Euphony Studios, Växjö, Sweden sometime early next year, if everything goes as planned with the songwriting process”. Among the tracks that are set to appear on the forthcoming CD are:


01. Living Misery

02. Embryonic Waste

03. Rise Of Severity

04. Men Behind The Sun

05. Less Than Zero

06. Twisted Avocation

07. World Sacrifice

Sweden's MORTIIS has announced two UK shows for next month—his first performances in the country as a frontman, according to Britain's Metal Hammer magazine. 'There were several reasons for this, but the main reason for considering lead vocals in the first place was the nature of the songs,' the frontman told the publication. 'Their whole structure and layout is very rock, it just calls for lead vocals and I figured that this thing is called MORTIIS, I am MORTIIS, there's this strong visual side to me and if someone else was going to do lead vocals when it came to doing the live shows it just wouldn't work.' The dates are as follows:


Dec. 17 - Manchester, UK @ Hop &amp Grape

Dec. 18 - London, UK @ Mean Fiddler

German power metallers PRIMAL FEAR are continuing work on the material for their forthcoming studio album, tentatively titled Black Sun, which will be recorded at House Of Music Studio in Winterbach, Germany in early 2002. So far the following tracks have been completed for the album:


01. Veiled Control

02. Magic Eye

03. We Go Down

04. Lightyears From Home

05. Merciless

06. Armageddon

Former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Slash and his new bride, Perla, have posted photos of their October 15th wedding at this and this location of Slash's official web site.

Finland's THE BLACK LEAGUE, featuring former SENTENCED frontman Taneli Jarva, will be releasing their brand new CD, entitled Utopia A.D. (which just came out in the group's native country),in territories outside Finland on January 7th.

Swedish death/thrash metallers DAWN will be entering Abyss Studios in May 2002 to begin recording the as-yet-untitled follow-up to their 1997 release Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy). According to a news item posted at, “like the albums in the past that the band have come up with in the course of their history, DAWN has always take a step further to new heights. The new material is marked by a permanent quest for new sonic landscapes and contemporary musical techniques”. 'We have been playing death/black metal for a long time, and quality instead of quantity is something really important,' guitarist Fredrik Söderberg stated. “We like to keep experimenting with new equipment, which I consider an essential evolution. You have to try out new things as a musician. I also have found a perfect line-up for DAWN, which took a long time to find. Most of the time during the last two years has also been focused on finding the musical direction on the upcoming album. The new stuff implies a lot of new innovations, as well as number of classic DAWN elements that will satisfy most of the stallwart DAWN fans”.

Swedish black metallers LORD BELIAL have finished recording their new album, entitled Angelgrinder, at KING DIAMOND guitarist Andy LaRocque's Los Angered Recordings. Featuring eight songs and 40 minutes of music, Angelgrinder will be released in March through No Fashion Records/House Of Kicks/MNW and will be followed by a tour of Germany, Belgium and Holland with SATANIC SLAUGHTER.

Norway's THEATRE OF TRAGEDY have announced the final track listing for their Assembly opus, which was recently recorded at Helsinki's Finnvox Studios with producer Hiili Hiilesmaa (i.e. SENTENCED, H.I.M., APOCALYPTICA, MOONSPELL, BUSH, THE 69 EYES, etc.). Tentatively scheduled to be released on March 4th, 2002, Assembly will feature the following cuts:


01. Automatic Lover

02. Universal Race

03. Episode

04. Play

05. Superdrive

06. Let You Down (formerly “Vicious”)

07. Starlit

08. Envision

09. Flickerlight

10. Liquid Man

11. Motion

Britain's ONE MINUTE SILENCE reportedly filmed a video for the track “Rise &amp Shine” this past weekend in Leeds. According to the group's official web site, this is not for single release and is intended purely to keep up appearances on MTV, MTV2 and the like.


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