Archive News Oct 08, 2001

October 8, 2001

The reunited San Francisco Bay Area thrashers VIO-LENCE will be performing a headlining show at Slim's in San Francisco on December 14th. Support will come from SKINLAB. Other opening acts will be announced shortly.

Former DARK ANGEL/DREAMS OF DAMNATION guitarist Jim Durkin has joined the reunited Los Angeles thrashers HIRAX. The group's current line-up—which is completed by frontman Katon W DePena, guitarist James Joseph Hubler, bassist Mike Brickman, and drummer Dan Bellinger—is rehearsing new songs and gearing up for their US tour, which is set to begin in January. A European tour will follow shortly thereafter. HIRAX's brand new CD, entitled Barrage Of Noise, is distributed worldwide through or

Sacramento's PSYPHERIA are hosting one of two benefits for former TESTAMENT/OBITUARY guitarist James Murphy, who recently had a brain tumor removed at an undisclosed Florida location. The show, which is set to take place on November 16th at The Hard Luck Saloon in Sacramento, will also feature KURU and MASTEMA. As previously reported, DRAGONLORD, the San Francisco Bay Area black metal project that features in its ranks TESTAMENT members Eric Peterson, Steve DiGiorgio (bass),Steve Smyth (guitars),and Jon Allen (drums),will be headlining a special benefit show for Murphy at the Pound in San Francisco on November 17th. Also appearing on the bill are MASTEMA, LD/50 (featuring former TESTAMENT/FORBIDDEN guitarist Glen Alvelais and GEEZER vocalist Clark Brown) and TECHNOCRACY (featuring VIO-LENCE guitarist Phil Demmel). For more info, visit

C.O.C. (CORROSION OF CONFORMITY) are strongly rumored to be replacing MUDVAYNE on the bill of the upcoming A Night Of Merry Mayhem tour, which is set to be headlined by OZZY OSBOURNE and which will also feature ROB ZOMBIE and SOIL. As previously reported, MUDVAYNE have dropped off the ongoing A Pledge Of Allegiance tour (featuring SLIPKNOT and SYSTEM OF A DOWN) due to “personal” reasons, which are rumored to be substance abuse-related. A Night Of Merry Mayhem is scheduled to kick off on October 31st in Tucson, Arizona.

Here's an update from Florida death metallers MALEVOLENT CREATION: “In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks on the United States, Florida death metal act MALEVOLENT CREATION was forced to cancel/postpone their US tour, which was to run throughout November and December. Unfortunately, it is not a good time to be touring in the US at this time, and the band would like to apologize for this setback, but as everyone knows, these are strange times for us Americans, and we will reschedule a new tour when things start to get somewhat back to normal, and business starts to pick up again. The band is currently finishing writing material for their 8th full-length release, which will be recorded in January. No producer has yet been named, but a working title for the next release could possibly be The Will To Kill. MALEVOLENT CREATION is still scheduled for a European tour with VADER and CATASTROPHIC starting in February, and will join the No Mercy Festivals in March with IMMORTAL, HYPOCRISY, VADER and others. Interested promoters should contact Metallysee Agency in Belgium for more info. Death To Bin Laden!!!!”

NAPALM DEATH vocalist Mark “Barney” Greenway has slammed former label Earache Records over the company's plans to release a DVD compilation of the band's promo clips. 'In light of the current non-existent relations between EaracheRecords and NAPALM DEATH,' stated Greenway in an official statement, 'we cannot endorse this DVD in any way, shape or form. This is a blatant cash-in designed to maximize on the current resurgence of the band that is largely down to the band themselves — and certainly not Earache Records by any measure. It has not at any stage been put together with the assistance of NAPALM DEATH members past or present, and if it really was a 'fan' package, this sort of thing would've been released ages ago.'


The DVD, which is scheduled to be released on October 15th, features the following tracks:


Promo clips:

01. Mass Appeal Madness

02. The World Keeps Turning

03. Suffer the Children

04. Plague Rages

05. Breed to Breathe

06. Greed Killing


Live at Salisbury Arts Centre, June 30th 1990

01. Control

02. Walls of Confinement

03. Unchallenged Hate

04. Life?

05. The Kill

06. Scum

07. If the Truth be Known

08. Lucid Fairytale

09. Malicious Intent

10. Social Sterility

11. Suffer the Children

12. From Enslavement to Obliteration

13. Dead

14. Practice What You Preach

15. Mentally Murdered

16. Extremity Retained

17. Mindsnare

18. Success?

19. Rise Above

20. Instinct of Survival

21. Siege of Power

22. You Suffer

23. Deceiver


Live at Nottingham Rock City, November 14th 1989

01. Rise Above

02. Life?

03. The Kill

04. Walls of Confinement

05. Deceiver

06. You Suffer

07. Siege of Power

08. M.A.D.

09. Retreat to Nowhere

10. Scum

11. From Enslavement to Obliteration

12. The Missing Link

13. Negative Approach

14. Mentally Murdered

15. Human Garbage

16. Stigmatized

17. Control

18. Success?

19. Social Sterility

20. Instinct of Survival

21. Dead

22. Practice What You Preach

23. Unchallenged Hate

24. Siege of Power

25. You Suffer

25. Dead

26. Deceiver


As a bonus, the DVD includes rare BBC TV footage featuring Bill Steer (pre-CARCASS) and Lee Dorrian (pre-CATHEDRAL),taken from the Arena TV show, which was taped on April 17th, 1989 at the Kilburn National:


01. Scum

02. You Suffer

PITCHSHIFTER have completed work on a demo of their upcoming CD, the group's first for Sanctuary Records (as originally reported here back on April 11th). According to vocalist J.S. Cayden, 'it has been the most intense writing period in the band's history, and the most productive. The new stuff is heavier, leaner and more concentrated than any PITCHSHIFTER material preceding it. It has been a pleasure to write these tunes with [guitarist] Jim [Davies] and I just cannot wait to get into the studio to record the real deal.” PITCHSHIFTER's as-yet-untitiled new effort, which is set to be produced by Machine (who twiddled the knobs on their 1998 album,is due in early 2002.

KING DIAMOND is tentatively scheduled to begin touring in March, shortly after the release of the group's long-awaited new opus, Abigail II: The Revenge. According to singer and band namesake, KING DIAMOND's upcoming set list will include the bulk of the tracks from Abigail and Abigail II… albums, combined with other tracks from the group's illustrious recording history. At the moment, there are no plans for a new MERCYFUL FATE CD, although rumors of the band's demise are being refuted by the vocalist, who recently laid down vocals for a track entitled “Sweet Dreams' for the upcoming debut CD from PROBOT, the much-anticipated “metal” project of FOO FIGHTERS mainman Dave Grohl.

According to STEEL PROPHET guitarist Steve Kachinsky, the band is presently hard at work on the pre-production of their follow up to Book of the Dead, tentatively entitled Prophecy Upon Us. Among the tracks that are set to appear on the CD are “Mirror, Mirror', “Life after Life', 'Rainwalker', 'Blackest of Hate', 'Magenta' and 'Martyred'. “There is a huge variety of material to choose from so far and the album might be the first ever melodic 'power metal' disc to be recorded on guitars tuned down a minor third to C#”, stated Kachinsky.

Holland's THE GATHERING have started their own label, dubbed Psychonaut Records, which will likely release all of the group's future recording output following the expiration of their current Century Media contract. The band is currently in the writing stage, and will be performing five or six new songs during the upcoming Dutch club tour, which is scheduled to be begin at the end of the month. According to the band, “the [new] material is very dark and gloomy. Sometimes moody, atmospherical, but way more groovier [than the stuff we've done in the past]. Sometimes quite heavy again, but of course it will be something new and improving from the previous records. We try to take the best elements from the past, and combine this with the present, without forgetting the future. No deadlines are set, as we don't have any release date yet. We would be very disappointed if we won't release a CD in 2002, so we are aiming around the end of the summer/autumn 2002. Things can change though... As I said earlier we take the time, to write memorable songs. Songs which will stand the test of time. That's why we will not play till spring/summer 2002.”

A few preliminary shows for the upcoming ANCIENT / STORMLORD / THYRANE European tour have been announced. The confirmed dates so far are as follows:


Nov. 26 - Pratteln, SWI @ Konzertfabrik Z7

Nov. 27 - Tuttlingen, GER @ Alte Feuerwehr

Nov. 30 - Rotterdam, NETH @ Baroeg

Dec. 02 - Andernach, GER @ JuZ Liveclub

Dec. 03 - Essen, GER @ Zeche Carl

Dec. 07 - Offenbach, GER @ Hafenbahn

Dec. 08 - Zwickau, GER @ Alarm!

Dec. 11 - Stuttgart, GER @ Röhre

The release date for DREAM THEATER's Live Scenes From New York three-CD set has been changed from October 23rd to October 16th.

ANGRA have announced the dates for their upcoming South American tour, the group's first in support of their Rebirth CD, which is due at the end of this month. The confirmed dates are as follows:


Nov. 03 - Presidente Prudente, BRA @ TBA

Nov. 04 – Londrina, BRA @ TBA

Nov. 15 – Fortaleza, BRA @ TBA

Nov. 16 – Natal, BRA @ TBA

Nov. 17 – Recife, BRA @ TBA

Nov. 18 – Salvador, BRA @ Concha Acústica

Nov. 23 - Buenos Aires, ARG @ TBA

Nov. 24 - Buenos Aires, ARG @ TBA

Nov. 25 – Santiago, CHI @ TBA

Nov. 27 – Bogotá, COL @ TBA

Dec. 06 – Florianópolis, BRA @ TBA

Dec. 07 – Camboriú, BRA @ TBA

Dec. 08 – Curitiba, BRA @ Moinho São Roque

Dec. 09 - Ponta Grossa, BRA @ Aeroanta

Dec. 15 - São Paulo, BRA @ Via Funchal

Dec. 16 - Rio de Janeiro, BRA @ Garden Hall

Former VOIVOD bassist Blacky (aka Jean-Yves Theriault) is looking to sign new bands in the IDM, techno, leftfeild/noise, ambient, breaks &amp beats, and experimental post industrial styles to his Xvoto Records, which is based out of Montreal, Canada. According to Theriault, “the label is currently under review, we are moving towards international distribution through a distribution collective.” All demos should be sent to:


Xvoto Records

4800 Avenue DeLorimier, Suite 405

Montreal, Quebec, H2H 2B6, CANADA

BIOHAZARD have posted an MP3 of the track “H.F.F.K.”, taken from the group's Uncivilization opus and featuring an appearance by PANTERA's Phil Anselmo, on their page at this location.

Stockholm, Sweden's BLACKSHINE have pushed back the release of their eleven-track new album, entitled Soulless and Proud, through SPV/Steamhammer Records to January 2002. No reason was given for the delay. In the meantime, BLACKSHINE will be embarking on a Swedish mini-tour with ENTOMBED in November. The dates are as follows:


Nov. 08 - Eskilstuna, SWE @ Blå

Nov. 09 - Örebro, SWE @ Contan

Nov. 10 - Skylten, Linköping, SWE @ Skylten

Nov. 11 - Lund, SWE @ Mejeriet

Nov. 16 – Stockholm, SWE @ Hard Rock Café (headlining, w/out ENTOMBED)

3AD, a new German project featuring H-BLOCKX's Dave Gappa, DUNE's Olivier Froning, producer Kai Niggeman, and drummer Jorg Dartmann, have collaborated with DOG EAT DOG bassist Dave Neabore and guitarist Sean Kilkenny on a few tracks for the former's forthcoming CD, which is due in the coming months.

THE DIRTY AMERICANS, comprised of former WORKHORSE MOVEMENT members Myron, Freedom and Pete, along with new drummer Jeramiah Pilbeam, have finished recording a new seven-track demo. The track listing is as follows:


01. Burn You Down

02. Man Likes Me

03. Chico

04. Snowman

05. Superfree

06. Comin' Undone

07. Powderburn


Two of the tracks, “Chico” and “Superfree”, are now available for download in the multimedia section of the group's unofficial UK site at this location.

Gothenburg, Sweden's female-fronted metal band DRACENA will start recording their new demo on October 13th, and they expect to issue the finished product in the beginning of November. In other news, DRACENA will support SACRAMENTUM at Belsepub in Gothenburg on November 16th. There will also be some dates in Germany that will be announced later this month.

You can catch MORTIIS' video for the song 'Parasite God', taken from his forthcoming album The Smell Of Rain, on Europe's MTV 2- The Riot Show on the following days/times:


Tuesday, Oct. 09 @ 10 PM

Thursday, Oct. 11 @ 12 AM


MORTIIS' first video ever, “Parasite God” was reportedly shot in 120 degrees of searing heat in Death Valley in America and in a derelict church in North London.

French melodic metallers HEAVENLY have debuted at position #132 in the French Pop Album charts with their brand new release, entitled Sign of the Winner.

Sweden's THE HELLACOPTERS, featuring former ENTOMBED drummer Nicke Andersson (now going by the name Nick Royale) on guitar/vocals, will contribute to the forthcoming tribute CD to Joey Ramone, which is due through the White Jazz label on April 15th, 2002. Other artists that are scheduled to appear on the album include THE HIVES, THE NOMADS and WAYNE KRAMER.

KING'S X will make an in-store appearance at Cat's Music in Nashville, Tennesee on Tuesday, October 16th at 6 PM. For more info, call: (615) 833-5233

MOTORHEAD will appear in an upcoming episode of The Drew Carey Show performing a version of 'Stagefright' with slightly altered lyrics. The show is scheduled to air on October 24th.

According to METHODS OF MAYHEM mainman Tommy Lee (formerly of MOTLEY CRUE), “I skydived from 12,000 feet for my birthday! Daaaaaaaaaaamn!!!!! What a blast!! [Girlfriend] Mayte [GarciaPRINCE's ex] jumped too!!!! Wow... is all I can say!! If ya haven't jumped, you should!! Hands down the craziest sh.t ever!!!!!!”

SYSTEM OF A DOWN have sold out the Brixton Academy in London on their upcoming European headlining tour. A second London date may soon be added. The confirmed shows so far are as follows:


Nov. 18 - Paris, FRA @ Elysee Montmartre

Nov. 19 - Paris, FRA - Elysee Montmartre

Nov. 20 - Tilburg, NETH @ O13

Nov. 22 - Manchester, UK @ Academy

Nov. 23 - Birmingham, UK@ Academy

Nov. 25 - London, UK @ Brixton Academy

Nov. 26 - Nottingham, UK @ Rock City

Nov. 27 – Glasgow, UK @ Barrowlands

Nov. 29 - Hamburg, GER @ Docks

Nov. 30 - Berlin, GER @ Columbiahalle

Dec. 02 - Cologne, GER @ E-Werk

CRUACHAN released their first ever single in Ireland in mid-September, featuring a unique version of Jimmy McCarthy's 'Ride On', including guest vocals by Shane Mac Gowan. Within days the first shipments had sold out of record shops all over the country and gave CRUACHAN a chart entry just shy of the Top 40. CRUACHAN's upcoming full-length CD, entitled FolkLore, has also been produced by Shane Mac Gowan. A European release is scheduled for January 21st.

MORBID ANGEL's upcoming US tour, also featuring DEICIDE, ZYKLON and SOILENT GREEN, has been official re-dubbed Extreme Music For Extreme People Tour 2001.

UK black metallers HECATE ENTHRONED will be releasing their brand new EP, entitled Miasma, through Blackend/PHD Records on October 22nd. The full track listing for the CD is as follows:


01. So Called Saviour

02. New Day Emerges

03. Commence The Chaos

04. Designed With Hate

05. Silenced But For Their Cries (I Am Born Pt. II)

06. Buried Alive (VENOM cover)


In other news, HECATE ENTHRONED are in the process of finalizing details for a European tour that will also feature BENEDICTION, AGOTHODAEMON and AETURNUS. The tour looks set to take place in March 2002 and will likely last two-three weeks. Dates for the trek will be announced shortly.

According to the latest posting by DOKKEN bassist Jeff Pilson, “there are some problems which have surfaced [in the DOKKEN camp], but I really don't wanna say much more as I hope they can be resolved soon. I also don't think these things should go beyond the band, at this point. I've also noticed things on our forum boards which imply people are looking to place blame and find culprits, but that doesn't solve anything. I'm sure everyone's intentions are, one way or another, for the good of the group. I haven't been involved yet, though my commitments to Rockstar are through, and I have been writing for the band on my own. I'm sure that at the end of the day, things will work out for the better.”

Swedish 'progressive power metal' band EVERGREY have entered the Swedish nation album chart at #59 with their latest release, entitled In Search Of Truth. EVERGREY will be heading out on the road in Europe to promote the new album in November as support to THERION. The dates are as follows:


Nov. 20 - Easy Schore - Halle, Germany

Nov. 21 - Zeche - Bochum, Germany

Nov. 22 - Hof Ter Lo - Antwerp, Belgium

Nov. 23 - Hyde Park - Osnabrück, Germany

Nov. 24 - Podium - Hardenberg, Holland

Nov. 25 - 013 - Tilburg, Holland

Nov. 26 - La Locomotive - Paris, France

Nov. 28 - Konzertfabrik Z7 - Pratteln, Switzerland

Nov. 29 - Rainbow - Milan, Italy

Nov. 30 - Rockhaus - Salzburg, Austria

Dec. 01 - Wigwam Rock Klub - Budapest, Hungary

Dec. 02 - Planet Music - Vienna, Austria

Dec. 04 - Club 38 - Krakow, Poland

Dec. 05 - Proxima - Warsaw, Poland

Dec. 06 - Eskulap - Poznan, Poland

Dec. 07 - Kalle Werk - Bad Salzungen, Germany

Dec. 08 - Hafenbahn - Offenbach, Germany

Dec. 09 - Markthalle - Hamburg, Germany

UNION, featuring former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick and ex-MOTLEY CRUE frontman John Corabi, have added a second date to their upcoming visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina. UNION's second show will take place Saturday, October 20th at The Roxy with opening bands NATIVO and NARANJA METALICA. Before the show there's going to be a KISS Expo and an autograph &amp photo session with Bruce &amp John.

THE SABIANS, featuring former SLEEP singer/songwriter Justin Marler and drummer Chris Hakius, will enter the studio in November to record their debut CD, entitled Beauty For Ashes. THE SABIANS are a four-piece band, “with influences ranging from Johnny Cash to OZZY and Byzantine chant, creating an entirely different sound all of their own”.


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