ARK's "Burn The Sun" Gets US Release, Drummer Pursues Side Projects

January 3, 2002

ARK, who feature in their ranks former YNGWIE MALMSTEEN vocalist Jorn Lande, ex-CONCEPTION guitarist Tore Østby, and former MALMSTEEN drummer John Macaluso, will issue their long-completed second album, entitled Burn The Sun, through Steve Vai's record label, Favored Nations, in the US on January 28th. A North American tour will follow shortly thereafter. In related news, Macaluso will be recording a CD with Italian axe hero Alex Masi later this month which the drummer describes as “a lot different in styles than we are used to, but that's good! My Italian brother, Alex, and me are recording a heavy techno, jungle meets world rhythm album... Very experimental with acoustic parts and me, finally, recording my invention of laser beams and thermine it's called 'The Bands of Antennae.'Macaluso is also reportedly working hard on a drum book called Repercussions, which he expects to publish later in the year.

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