AS I LAY DYING Frontman Says Next Album Will 'Definitely Be Faster'

September 21, 2006

Vocalist Tim Lambesis of AS I LAY DYING told Sheena Hamilton of The Daily Aztec that much of its fan loyalty began in its hometown of San Diego.

"(The San Diego scene) is supportive; it's a little better than most others," Lambesis said. "But if one style of music takes off, 100 bands start playing that style — that's the negative part of (the scene)."

Recent tours such as Taste of Chaos and Sounds of the Underground, which the band headlined, confirm that the band is here to stay.

"Sounds of the Underground was our chance to headline and was a show we wanted to put on," Lambesis said. "A lot of times we can't really get excited about watching bands on our tours, but this time we did."

Aside from touring with bands such as ATREYU, THRICE and the DEFTONES, AS I LAY DYING was nominated, along with several major-label artists, for "Artist of the Year" at the San Diego Music Awards last year; to the band members' surprise, they won.

"Our drummer Jordan and I were there, and we didn't expect to win," Lambesis said. "Jordan was in the bathroom and just finished washing his hands when our name was called."

Even though the members are now back home catching up with family, they're still working in the studio, writing and recording their next album.

"The new album will definitely be faster," Lambesis said. "We like to challenge ourselves and create songs people remember. We're going to have a few songs that catch people by surprise."

AS I LAY DYING is set to tour in Europe at the end of next month.

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