AS I LAY DYING's TIM LAMBESIS Ties The Knot For Third Time: 'I Married My Best Friend'

June 6, 2022

AS I LAY DYING's Tim Lambesis has publicly revealed that he has remarried once again. His third marriage comes eight years after he was convicted of hiring someone to kill his first wife.

Lambesis married model Dany Ciara on Saturday, June 4 in a "small ceremony on the beach."

Earlier today, Lambesis shared a few Instagram photos from the wedding, and he wrote in a caption: "On Saturday I married my best friend. We set up a small ceremony on the beach with the help of close family and friends. Every detail of the day came together so well, but more importantly I have an incredible foundation of love for a lifetime with @danylambesis. I'm excited for every adventure ahead with the love of my life".

Two months ago, when Tim and Dany shared photos from their engagement, he wrote: "I've never felt so loved for exactly who I am, and I love every detail of Dany. I want her to be exactly herself and never hold back, and I'm so thankful I get to know her in a way that's rarely seen by anyone else. She grows more beautiful inside and out every day. I'm more attracted to her today than I've ever been and that attraction keeps growing every morning I wake up next to her."

Three years ago, Lambesis revealed that he married his second wife, Amanda Dubord, in May 2015 while he was still in prison. At the time, he wrote about Amanda: "She was my source of strength through the hardest 6 years of my life. She loved me at the top before I fell, and she somehow loves me even more now. Different people came and went during those 6 years, but Amanda, our family, and a few close friends were the only ones there the whole time." Amanda, for her part, wrote about the ceremony: "We said 'I do' in front of our parents, a file cabinet and a few inmates. There was no DJ or cake, no honey moon or bridal party. 3 photos in total and I got a 3 second kiss that was watched by a guard. That day was the best day of my life so far and so damn rock and roll."

It is not clear when Lambesis and Dubord called it quits, but Tim and Dany have been sharing photos of the two of them together since at least late 2021.

Lambesis pleaded guilty in 2014 to attempting to hire a hitman to murder his first wife, Meggan, and served two and a half years of a six-year sentence in a California prison before being released in late 2016.

In June 2018, AS I LAY DYING played its first show with Lambesis in five years and released a new single. Lambesis also owned up to his crimes in a long apology on the band's Facebook page after his release.

In September 2019, AS I LAY DYING released its seventh full-length album, "Shaped By Fire", via Nuclear Blast.

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