AUDIOSLAVE: New Album Title Revealed

March 23, 2006

According to, AUDIOSLAVE have set "Revelations" as the title of their third album, due in June. For the follow-up to last year's "Out of Exile", singer Chris Cornell wanted to explore a vocal style he feels closest to but has never touched on before: R&B. "I love rock music, but my favorite singers are not in rock bands," Cornell confessed. "They're Stevie Wonder, Mavis Staples, the CHAMBER BROTHERS."

Cornell's new role as a family man has had just as great an influence on his songwriting and his life. "As I'm getting older and I have children and my life is definitely settling down more, I'm really about family," he said. "When I'm not in the studio making records with AUDIOSLAVE, I'm at home with my wife and my kids," he continued. "So there are a lot of songs where I mention them — where maybe the subject is about something else, but they're in there. My family is my chief concern."


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