AVANTASIA's "The Metal Opera Part II" Due In October

June 18, 2002

The long-awaited second part of EDGUY main man Tobias Sammet's all-star project, AVANTASIA, will be released in North America in October.

"I am proud to say that in between touring and sleeping a bit I managed to finish the last chapter of my huge dream," Tobias recently said. "It was really exciting to get back into the story after having been away from the world of AVANTASIA due to some little 'touring around the globe'…

"I am proud of it, and I really get a good mood while listening to the tapes right now. It sounds mature and big. We have a great combination of ballads and fast tracks, epic and groovy stuff and easy going piano sounds. It features everything and it's full of different moods. It unites a lot of different styles of rock and of course heavy metal that I personally like. I think I was crossing some borders without losing the roots of where I come from. And although it sounds experimental here and there, don't be afraid, I don't go grunge or trendy or hip or hop or whatever, it's a typical piece [from] me."

Part II's line-up is similar to the first part. Michael Kiske (ex-HELLOWEEN),Kai Hansen (GAMMA RAY),André Matos (ex-ANGRA),Henjo Richter (GAMMA RAY),Markus Großkopf (HELLOWEEN),Alex Holzwarth (RHAPSODY),David DeFeis (VIRGIN STEELE),Sharon Den Adel (WITHIN TEMPTATION),Timo Tolkki (STRATOVARIUS),Bob Catley (MAGNUM),and Eric Singer (KISS) will be making appearances on the album.

The full track listing for AVANTASIA's The Metal Opera, Part II is as follows:

01. The Seven Angels
02. No Return
03. The Looking Glass
04. In Quest For
05. The Final Sacrifice
06. Neverland
07. Anywhere
08. Chalice Of Agony
09. Memory
10. Into The Unknown

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