BAD WOLVES Drummer 'Couldn't Be Less Concerned' About Making Metal Purists Happy

October 28, 2019

BAD WOLVES drummer John Boecklin, who spent years as one of the main songwriters in DEVILDRIVER, says that he is in no rush to make the kind of music that will keep fans of his former band happy. "I couldn't be less concerned, because it's not really who the band is," he told Mindy Novotny of the 102.9 The Hog radio station (hear audio below).

"I don't know if you know any of those deeper metal sites that base themselves on purists, and I was talking to one of them at a bar in Brooklyn. I was writing the new record, and I kind of wanted to see whether I wanted to keep my street cred or not. He was, like, 'I hate to say it, but your street cred is long gone.' [Laughs] He didn't mean it in a bad way. But, yeah, it's, like, what is the point of trying to prove yourself to a very, very, very, very small niche of purists when your fanbase is actually nothing that surrounds that.

"I'm enjoying the music I write, and if it comes out heavy, so be it," he added. "But, no, not on my schedule or a checklist or a box to check off to make sure I made a guy who likes DECAPITATED and CANNIBAL CORPSE, his favorite band, make sure I made him happy."

BAD WOLVES released its sophomore album, titled "N.A.T.I.O.N.", on Friday (October 25),along with a music video for the song "Killing Me Slowly".

The band broke through last year with a cover of THE CRANBERRIES hit "Zombie". CRANBERRIES vocalist Dolores O'Riordan was supposed to contribute to the track but died the day she was supposed to go into the studio.

BAD WOLVES singer Tommy Vext told Loudwire that the band recorded some cover songs for the new record but decided to leave them off. "I wound up doing a couple of covers, and then we decided to not put a cover on the record because we didn't feel it necessary, especially coming off the back of the success of 'Zombie'," he said. "We wanted to focus more on our original tracks."

BAD WOLVES will kick off a North American tour with FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, THREE DAYS GRACE and FIRE FROM THE GODS on November 1 in Las Vegas.

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