BARCODE: First Song With New Singer Posted Online

July 16, 2006

Danish hardcore bruisers BARCODE have uploaded the first new track featuring the group's latest addition, DEMOLITION INC. singer SS Graveyard. Check out the song "Glassjaw" at this location.

Comments the band about their new frontman: Think Phil Anselmo meets Gary Meskil and you'll have an idea of his potential.

"Butch's abrupt departure from the band on last year's September tour strong-armed us in pit for quite some time," the band continues. "And clearly Butch left a serious gap to be filled. A charismatic authority like him, on stage and off, just doesn't come around every day. All the more reason to not just settle for whoever showed up. Therefore, we auditioned a shitload of candidates before the right one was found.

"Admittedly, we were beginning to lose faith in ever getting a singer matching Butch. For sure, we didn't want a new singer to just do Butch karaoke, but just as things looked the shittiest, around came SS Graveyard and took us all by storm.

"What had always been Butch's trademark — aggressive and fierce vocals, yet with a delicate sense of tone delivered with immense headroom and authority — SS Graveyard has it all — and then some."

On the subject of the band's upcoming album, they write, "Some of you guys may have spotted BARCODE on some summer open-air rosters. Sorry to break it to you, but all our summer performances are off. Right now, our priority No. 1 is to launch our new profile and we trust the best way to do so is by putting out a new album. We're hitting Jay's [Jacob Bredahl] own Smart 'n' Hard studio August 1 and head for a September Tue Madsen/Antfarm mastering. Hopefully, the album hits the streets around December."

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