September 17, 2003

Bassist Joey Vera (FATES WARNING, ARMORED SAINT, SEVEN WITCHES, ENGINE) has posted the following message on his official web site:

"Sorry for such a delay in an update (as if you've all been waiting with bated breath),but it took me longer than expected to get back into normal life here (whatever that means!)

"Once I got to a place where I could get my usual 7 hours of sleep, I began plans for the next projects. During this process, FATES was asked to do the second leg of the QUEENSRŸCHE tour (which just started last wek) but because of scheduling conflicts and several other obsticals, we unfortunately had to turn it down. Incidentally, I saw the show last weekend and it's killer. The guys even venture into a short acoustic set which is cool. My only complaint, no '…Mindcrime' stuff. But I hear they are changing the set almost daily so I suggest checking them out! Meanwhile it's to the writing table for FATES. A new record, that is.

"Currently I am mixing a live record for Metal Blade. It's a live recording from a show they put on at the Palace in Hollywood, CA celebrating 20 years in the biznuss. The bands featured are VEHEMENCE, CATTLE DECAPITATION, ENGINE (yes, Ray Alder and myself),LIZZY BORDEN, ARMORED SAINT (yes, me again!) and CANNIBAL CORPSE. The live record which I should have done by the end of this week, should be coming out sometime in early 2004. I think a DVD with live footage will accompany the record as a bonus disc. I'll let ya know when I get more details!

"I'm also putting together material for a forthcoming new DVD for ARMORED SAINT. With the help of the other guys we will put together a bunch of live videos from the 'Symbol of Salvation' tours and our reunion Revelation tours as well. This is still untitled and should be out also early next year. I'll keep you posted on that as well.

"Enough rambling..... I'm back to work!"

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