BEHEMOTH Split With Guitarist, Seek Replacement

October 5, 2003

Polish black/death metallers BEHEMOTH have parted ways with session guitarist Havok and are currently seeking a replacement. Interested parties can contact the group at [email protected]

Comments guitarist/vocalist Nergal, "Havok decided to part his ways with BEHEMOTH. Lately he's been struggling [with] some personal problems. As a result he lost interest in this band, and the whole extreme metal genre — he simply burned out. We spent together absolutely killer time touring all over the world and recording two [of] BEHEMOTH's best albums. We wish him all the best. American tour and the show in Israel will be the last thing we'll do together. Later we will focus on writing the new stuff and eventually finding a replacement."

BEHEMOTH will be teaming up with SIX FEET UNDER, SKINLESS, and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER for The Unnatural Born Killers Tour 2003, which launches in Tampa on October 16.

Says Nergal, "Needless to say, we are extremely excited bout this tour. Especially after what we've experienced there earlier this year. Playing in front of thousands of people, and support such excellent acts like DANZIG, HALFORD and DEICIDE was a thrilling experience. Century Media did a great job bringing us over to U.S. for these tours, but this time it's gonna be the longest and most demanding one we've had. We'll be on the bill with SIX FEET UNDER, and afterwards will be doing extra shows, that should be confirmed in the upcoming days.

"Due to immigration difficulties, we couldn't bring to U.S. our new bassist Orion, which I find as a great loss coz he's excellent stage performer and highly skilled musician. But thanks to Istvan from California-situated black metal band RISE, we will have a replacement for that tour and I'm sure he will do fine. I promise that the next time u will all witness the full line up, the strongest we've had!"

BEHEMOTH's last show in support of the "Zos Kia Cultus" album will take place at the Barbi club in Tel Aviv, Israel on January 22. Support at the gig will come from SALEM. Shortly after returning from Israel, Nergal, Inferno and Orion will begin work on material for their next album, titled "Demigod".

"We still keep ourselves extremely busy," says Nergal "It's pretty intense period for us but I can promise that new songs will be the best thing we've done ever. To be honest we already did main themes for 5 new tracks and it all sounds awesome! It's technical, intense and melodic but also diverse and heavy. These songs have BEHEMOTH elements in it, but we also try to cross the boundaries, make things in a fresh way. We are thinking for ourselves and not conforming nor bending to any rules, trying to keep the highest standard of the music we deliver."

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