BELPHEGOR Complete Second Recording Session For New CD

December 31, 2005

Austrian death/black metal act BELPHEGOR have completed the second recording session for their sixth album at producer Andy Classen's Stage One studios in Germany.

Commented guitarist/vocalist Helmuth: "Well, the first two sessions are finished and let me tell you working with Andy Classen is just awesome, never before recorded on better equipment in my life. BELPHEGOR's sound has never been so massive and fresh, and I'm more than sure that this album gained a new dimension for the band (for example, I'm doing all the chanting and backing vocals on my own. I practiced a lot to handle that epic-sounding shit haha, and I'm very proud of the result...). This album will be a new step forward for BELPHEGOR. I spent all my energy in the last months on this album. A lot of new elements and a higher level of composition and structure are added as well. Besides you will hear the most aggressive and rawest vocal work I've ever done. No bullshit when I say we will give you the strongest opus we've ever made. Be prepared!"

On Wednesday, January 25, 2006, the band will commence the third and final studio session, recording the lead guitar for the CD and completing the vocals for three songs, as well as creating various samples and "in/outro stuff."

Commented guitarist Sigurd: "The nine tracks have reached a 'new level' of dynamic. We try to bring out the best of the potential we have. We worked for the first time with two different guitar [tunings] — and very unconventional moods in the hertz area, to let it all sound more monumental.

"The album title isn't set yet, but will follow soon. Here is a list of some new sound collages: 'Throne of Sacrilege', 'Flammandus Et Contemtus', 'Bluhtsturm Erotica', 'Belphegor – Hell's Ambassador'."

Check out pictures from the recording sessions at this location.

BELPHEGOR will be supporting CANNIBAL CORPSE on the first two shows of the upcoming No Mercy Festivals European tour in April 2006.

"We are all looking forward to these 'hell shows,' and are very excited to be sharing the stage again with one of our all-time faves," stated Helmuth.

BELPHEGOR's fifth full-length album, "The Goatreich - Fleshcult", was released in Europe in February via Napalm Records. The CD was recorded at Mastersound Studio in Fellbach, Germany and is the follow-up to 2003's "Lucifer Incestus".

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