BILLY MILANO Says JOHN BUSH Is Incapable Of Laughing At The Joke

April 14, 2003

Former S.O.D. and current M.O.D. frontman Billy Milano has issued a response to ANTHRAX singer John Bush's characterization of Milano as someone who "has a lot of problems to work out," saying that Bush is incapable of laughing at the joke and insisting that the part-time ARMORED SAINT frontman doesn't "understand the dynamics" of Billy's "love/hate friendship" with ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian.

The following is the e-mail Milano sent to BLABBERMOUTH.NET earlier today:

"Listen up short man [referring to John Bush—ed.]. Get ready for a dose of reality, Scott and I have been talking and are getting together in New York. This is what all the arguing was about to begin with, END OF STORY! ANTHRAX can go kiss LACUNA COIL's ass as much as they want to, I think it's funny your falling back on them for props. It's obvious to their fans as well.

"I admit my criticisms of Scott are hard but that's just me. When S.O.D. performed, I introduced him as 'the Israeli Assassin, the Motza Marauder, The Jumpin Jew from Kalamazoo,' and he had no problem with it. It only offends those incapable of laughing at the joke. Maybe we should all join hands and sing Kumbaya! I don't expect you to understand the dynamics of our love/hate friendship. You didn't join METALLICA. Great career move. So John, say hi to everyone in munchkinland.

"Oh, yeah. John, if you want to kick my ass like you threatened that 14-year-old kid at your ANTHRAX show (MP3 available @ — coming May 20th),just show up for coffee, follow the yellow brick road to NY. Love to see ya!

"M.O.D.'The Rebel You Love to Hate' out May 20th on Nuclear Blast America… Can you feel the love!!!

"Oh yeah, [BLABBERMOUTH.NET] — if your fuckin' website steals anything off of mine, I will fuckin' kick your ass. Print that motherfucker."

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