BIOHAZARD's BILLY GRAZIADEI Gets Tattooed On Stage; Video, Photos Available

July 13, 2012

Guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziadei of New York hardcore/metal veterans BIOHAZARD got tattooed on stage while performing a sweat-driven and crushingly intense gig on July 10 at the Atlantik club in Freiburg, Germany.

"We pulled into the city and while walking into the club I passed by a tattoo parlor," explains Graziadei. "Dropped in to say hello and met Tom Deyhle from Silverskull Tattoo. We had mutual friends and hit it off. I sat down for some ink before the show then had to split before we finished it, so I asked him if he'd be into finishing it during the show. Tom thought it was a cool idea, so he came down to the sold-out show that was probably one of the hottest shows we've ever played. During 'Reborn' from our new album 'Reborn in Defiance' I finished my 'Reborn' tattoo. It took longer than we thought, so we went into an old song we never played before called 'Ink' off of 'State Of The World Address'... What an awesome time!"

He added, "Another cool detail was that Tom used a wireless tattoo gun. The power for the gun was internal and the controller that he steps on was connected to the gun via bluetooth! Times change, sometimes for the better, sometimes not... glad this was one of the good times!"

BIOHAZARD's current European summer tour will wrap on July 22 at the DevilSide Festival in Oberhausen, Germany.

BIOHAZARD's latest album, "Reborn In Defiance", was released in Europe on January 20 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Not only is "Reborn In Defiance" BIOHAZARD's first original lineup album in 18 years, but it also marks the last album recorded by the band before the departure of bassist and co-vocalist Evan Seinfeld. The effort remains a testament to the four founding members (Billy Graziadei, Bobby Hambel, Evan Seinfeld and Danny Schuler) and their unique chemistry.

Seinfeld left the band in June 2011 after the band's new CD was completed and was replaced by Scott Roberts, who played on the band's 2005 "Means To An End" album and has been part of the BIOHAZARD extended family since.

All photos courtesy of Patrik Hodapp from

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