BIOMECHANICAL Vocalist Comments On CHRIS TSANGARIDES Collaboration

July 2, 2007

U.K. metal heavyweights BIOMECHANICAL have released more information about their collaboration with producer Chris Tsangarides on their forthcoming album, "Cannibalised".

Commented BIOMECHANICAL vocalist John K: "It's hard to comprehend the enormity of the volume of work Chris Tsangarides has done in the past. I have been co producing our new album 'Cannibalised' at his studio and in between recordings and preparation sessions Chris tells me stories that make me feel in awe. Best examples were the stories of the 'Painkiller' [JUDAS PRIEST] album but even more crazy the fact that he was responsible for Vivian Campbell joining DIO. After that Vivian recorded one of my most favorite metal albums 'Holy Diver', I mean, WTF? And stories like that come in thick and fast.

"My experience here [at The Ecology Rooms studio] has been awesome. Started with sorting out the drum sound with Matt C and then Chris Webb arrived in Dover on the 21st of June with a Framus stack. We ended up using the Framus amps plus a head manufactured by Chris Tsangarides plus a new amp called WKZ — little devil which sounded insane! There only five of those made so far so we were very lucky to use it."

Fans can expect to get hold of "Cannibalised" this autumn, and John K has already put forward a confident message about the release:

"The sound of the album is shaping very well. Chris gave me two choices: Huge sound a or Huge sound b! I am confident as hell that he will do a very good job. All I can tell you guys so far is that we are working really hard on this album so we hope you will like the final thing."

To read the full studio report and check out pictures of BIOMECHANICAL in the studio with Chris Tsangarides, head over to this location.

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