BLACK VEIL BRIDES Guitarist JINXX Tests Positive For COVID-19: 'This Is No Hoax'

November 18, 2020

BLACK VEIL BRIDES guitarist Jeremy "Jinxx" Ferguson has tested positive for COVID-19.

Jinxx confirmed his diagnosis in a social media post earlier today. He wrote: "Last Saturday, I woke up feeling extremely rundown, feverish and had a nasty cough. I didn't hesitate to take my family down to get tested right away. We got our results back late Sunday night. @moggycatz and @mommajinxx came back negative, mine positive. Immediately we began quarantining in separate rooms. So far, Alice and Lennon are showing no symptoms, waiting on a second test results for my mom. Monday night the fever lifted, but I had lost my sense of taste and smell. The cough had moved into my lungs and last night noticed tightness in my chest, did some breathing exercises and it eased up. Today I'm just really tired and dizzy. Hoping the worst of it has passed."

He continued: "I just wanted to say to everyone to continue to stay safe and PLEASE wear a mask! No matter how annoying it is. And take this seriously. This is no hoax, and cases are spiking everywhere, and no one is immune. And just because you got a negative result doesn't make you immune or mean you may not have just contracted it, so be cautious and maybe think twice about travel and gathering plans over the holiday.

"@moggycatz you are WONDER WOMAN M ta, I love you, Happy Anniversary 4A 'a #staysafe #wearamask #covid #covid 19 #coronavirus".

Coronavirus cases have increased in all 50 states over the past 14 days, the latest NBC News data showed Tuesday.

Currently, the U.S. leads the world with 11.3 million confirmed coronavirus cases and more than 248,000 fatalities, NBC News figures show.

President Donald Trump, who is still refusing to concede his election loss to Joe Biden, has not yet begun to work with the Biden transition team to share all critical information related to COVID-19.

Last week, BLACK VEIL BRIDES released a new single and video for the track "Scarlet Cross". The song comes from their upcoming 2021 concept album "The Phantom Tomorrow" — the band's sixth full-length effort. The LP tells the story of the antihero character "The Blackbird" and a group of societal outcasts known as simply as "The Phantom Tomorrow".

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