BLAZE BAYLEY Says One-Off IRON MAIDEN Concert Featuring All Three Singers Would Be 'Really Fun'

April 1, 2021

In a recent interview with Uncle Steve's Iron Maiden Zone, former IRON MAIDEN singer Blaze Bayley was asked if he would ever consider touring with the band again if he was approached about it. He responded (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "Well, the first is they have to ask. But it's a thing that I think would be really fun for the fans. I mean, Bruce [Dickinson, MAIDEN's current singer] is just a heroic singer to me. I've always loved his voice. He's a fantastic singer. He's brilliant. He's a fantastic performer. He is the top in the world at what he does. So it's incredible.

"I think it would be really for fans if you had Paul [Di'Anno, former MAIDEN singer], Blaze and Bruce [all performing with MAIDEN in one night]," he continued. "I think it would be fun. Not really serious, but we all sing a couple of key songs from [each] era, and then Bruce closes the show. I just think it would be fun. But I think you'd need a lot of security because there'd be some people who still hate me — they still hate me — and they're gonna be going, 'All right, rubbish compared to Bruce.' And then there are people that love me, and they're gonna be going, 'Shut up!' So there might be some fights breaking out; you just don't know. But I think it would be funny, man. I can imagine the conversations in the bar that the fans would have: 'Who do you think is better?'

"I think it would be fun, but I think IRON MAIDEN have got a lot of great music [left in them]," Blaze added. "I spoke to Steve [Harris, MAIDEN founder and leader] last month. I think they've got a lot of great music. Steve's as fired up as he ever has been. So there's a lot of great music for them to do.

"I think somewhere in the future, it would be a really fun idea. I don't think it will happen — I don't think it will ever happen — but I think it would be fun if it did."

The 57-year-old Bayley, who was born in Birmingham, was the original frontman in WOLFSBANE, but left to join MAIDEN, with whom he recorded two studio albums — 1995's "The X Factor" 1998's and "Virtual XI" — before Dickinson returned to the group. The MAIDEN albums he appeared on sold considerably less than the band's prior releases and were their lowest-charting titles in the group's home country since 1981's "Killers".

Since leaving IRON MAIDEN in 1999, Bayley has released a number of albums, including several under the moniker BLAZE and more than a handful under his own name. He also appeared on 2012's "Wolfsbane Saves The World", the first album of new material by WOLFSBANE since the group's self-titled 1994 effort.

Blaze will release a new studio album, "War Within Me", on April 9. All songs were written and produced by Blaze and guitarist Christopher Appleton.

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