BLOODSIMPLE Complete 5-6 New Songs, Prepare To Hit The Road

May 22, 2006

BLOODSIMPLE singer Tim Williams has posted the following mesage on the band's official MySpace page:

"We just got back from a week in the studio at an undisclosed location in Chicago. Man, we was workin our asses off. Buckled down and gettin' our groove on. We have emerged with about 5-6 new songs and some other ideas brewing. The shit, I kid you not, is on the next level for us. We are just playin our fuckin' hearts out. It was great to be back in the saddle; the boyz are good and focused. We've been off for like a month which was great, but it was better to be back. Now we are chillin' for the weekend and then it's rehersal time for Europe. Only bout a week and a 1/2 left. Then shit, it's on!!!! Across 16 countries in 30 dayz. If ya can do the math, that equals miles!!! Madd mothafuckin' miles! We will play a new song or two just to start testing them out. It's gonna be a hell of a trip, I'm ready, we will slaughter!!"

BLOODSIMPLE feature in their ranks former members of VISION OF DISORDER, DOWNSET and MEDICATION. The group's debut album, "A Cruel World", was released in March 2005 on MUDVAYNE singer Chad Gray's Bullygoat label imprint (via Warner Bros.). The CD was recorded in Vancouver B.C. with producer Garth Richardson, who has previously worked with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, MUDVAYNE, SLIPKNOT and CHEVELLE. The album was mixed by Mike Fraser (HATEBREED).

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