BLOODSIMPLE Frontman: 'I Want People To Feel Our Music And Picture Themselves Within It'

September 23, 2006

BLOODSIMPLE, which features in its ranks former members of VISION OF DISORDER and MEDICATION, is currently in pre-production for its second album at Machine Shop studio in Hoboken, New Jersey with producer Machine. The group's vocalist, Tim Williams, has issued the following update:

"Yes, we are still in the studio. We have a drummer that we are working with. I cannot release his name at this time that information is classified. He is bringing some real flavor to the new batch of hot cakes we are cooking up.

"It's funny — as we dig deeper into ourselves as a band, we are getting further away from what we originally intended to do.

"Fear not, my friends and enemies. To me this is the best news I have for you. We are perched on the edge of the atmosphere, gazing outward. The earth is fading out behind us, we are ????? Hell if I know. All I know is it feels right and natural.

"After making records for 10 years, I've learned that feeling good is good enough. You have to go on instinct and have no expectations whatsoever.

"The latest ideas are dark deep and very desert feeling... I want to make music that makes you want to get in a car and slam it into a brick wall. I want people to feel our music and picture themselves within it."

BLOODSIMPLE's debut album, "A Cruel World", was released in March 2005 on MUDVAYNE singer Chad Gray's Bullygoat label imprint (via Warner Bros.). The CD was recorded in Vancouver B.C. with producer Garth Richardson, who has previously worked with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, MUDVAYNE, SLIPKNOT and CHEVELLE. The album was mixed by Mike Fraser (HATEBREED).

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