BOB DAISLEY: OZZY Punched RANDY When He Found Out RHOADS Wanted To Leave

May 30, 2004

Former OZZY OSBOURNE bassist Bob Daisley spoke to Live4Metal last week about the lawsuit he and drummer Lee Kerslake filed against Ozzy claiming Osbourne, his wife and manager Sharon and Sony Music and Epic Records cheated them out of royalties for their work on the "Blizzard of Oz" and "Diary of a Madman" albums in the early '80s. What follows are some of the highlights of that interview:

Live4Metal: In your opinion, why has the case been dismissed?

Bob Daisley: "In my opinion, there are rats to smell — we know how powerful, rich and connected the O$bournes are."

Live4Metal: Judge Snyder stated that in her opinion you failed to explain why you believed that you had not been properly credited on the first two Ozzy CDs. What reasons did you give her and what could you have done differently to make it clearer?

Bob Daisley: "Judge Snyder judged the summary judgments totally in our favor for the first three years (three judgments) and then out of the blue, said that we didn't have a case. We presented all the record sleeves showing that we had not been credited on 'Diary' for our performances or production credits."

Live4Metal: You've been fighting this case in court for six years now, and in some aspects almost 20 years. Will you continue to pursue legal action, or accept the dismissal and move on?

Bob Daisley: "We're waiting on advice from our lawyers who also think this is a crock of ...."

Live4Metal: Rudy Sarzo has come out recently saying that Ozzy and Sharon treated Randy very bad, and he wanted to quit the band towards the end of his life. Did you ever see any of that when you were involved?

Bob Daisley: "I didn't see it first-hand but Tommy Aldridge told me that Ozzy punched Randy in the face when he found out Randy wanted to leave. I also heard from a very good source that Sharon went into the office soon after (hours or days) Randy was killed and changed his contract. Mrs. Rhoads had to sue the Osbournes for years for her son's royalties thereafter. Nice little camp, eh?"

Read Bob Daisley's entire interview with Live4Metal at this location.

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