BODY COUNT Comment On Guitarist's Passing

August 19, 2004

BODY COUNT members Ice-T and Ernie-C have issued a statement regarding the death of the band's rhythm guitarist Dennis "D-Roc" Miles, who passed away Tuesday due to complications from lymphoma. He was 45 years old.

"D-Roc was the backbone of the BODY COUNT sound," Ice-T said in the statement. "He went to school with me and Ernie, for me it was great to bring friends from my childhood along to share in success. Words cannot explain how much we will miss D-Roc — more as a friend than as a band member."

D-Roc performed wearing a hockey mask, which Ernie-C attributes to shyness: "He didn't want to be a star. He didn't want people to know his face. He just enjoyed playing the music.

"We will carry on the band in some form," Ernie-C added. "I don’t know if it will be BODY COUNT, but in some form, Ice and I will always play together."

Family and friends were at Miles' bedside at City of Hope hospital in Duarte, California when he died. Miles is survived by a daughter Paris, stepdaughter Kianna and family in Los Angeles.

BODY COUNT, whose previous drummer Beatmaster V died of leukemia and bassist Mooseman was killed in a drive-by shooting in South Central Los Angeles, had been inactive for several years following the release of 1997's "Violent Demise: Last Days".

The band were the focus of national media attention with their controversial song "Cop Killer", which was included on the group's self-titled debut in 1991.

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