October 3, 2002

Former THE REJECTS (pre-MURDERDOLLS) and current BOMB POP MAFIA frontman Dizzy Draztik has shot down as "total fucking bullshit" accusations by anonymous posters on BLABBERMOUTH.NET that SLIPKNOT drummer and Dizzy's former THE REJECTS bandmate Joey Jordison was responsible for penning much of the material for Draztik's current project.

The following is Draztik's official comment on the matter, as received by BLABBERMOUTH.NET early this morning:

"It came to my attention today, during a great write up on a good site (,that some pencil neck with no brains took it upon himself to spread what he THOUGHT was truth and gospel. Yer good friend Dizzy Draztik here to set the record straight....

1) BOMB POP MAFIA is a band I put together directly following my departure from THE REJECTS, which you all know now as THE MURDERDOLLS. The seven years I put in that band with my best friend Joey Jordison are memories that I will always cherish. However, times and relationships change, and I left the band. WITH NO HARD FEELINGS. The way THE REJECTS/MURDERDOLLS music was headed fit [MURDERDOLLS vocalist] Wednesday 13's vocals better than mine. I come from a MISFITS/RANCID/NY DOLLS style of raw, drunk, 'sniffed too much blow' style. Wednesday does the 'creepy' thing much better, and as a good friend of mine, I salute him and his recent success. Once again, no hard feelings. There isn't one person in that band that I would not consider a friend. I would bail each of them out of jail or pick them up from the airport. We're bros and I support every fucking thing that they do.

2) BOMB POP MAFIA is a band *I* put together. My vision, my songs, the way I think a raunch-n-roll band should be. NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON, OUTSIDE OF THE MEMBERS OF THIS BAND HAS CONTRIBUTED TO ***ANY** SONG THAT WE HAVE EVER WRITTEN. Someone on the net has spread some message board rumors that Joey Jordison had written the songs for this band. I want to be the one to say, so you all know the unadulterated TRUTH, that THAT IS TOTAL FUCKING BULLSHIT. The people responsible for the songs on our upcoming record are myself, our guitarist Gizmo and our bassist Zarrie. Let me state again for those of you too shallow to understand this, NO ONE BUT BOMB POP MAFIA wrote these songs. To say anything other than that is a flagrant sign of ignorance and not only compromises my 'artistic integrity', but that of someone you pulled into this bullshit with no reason (Joey). Joey and I remain as close as brothers, and we might work together again someday, but as for now, I am concerned solely with BPM as he is with MURDERDOLLS/SLIPKNOT.

"I just wanted to bring this to light, as ignorant, non-truthful statements such as our little friend spilled on the message board do nothing but hurt people who do nothing more than make music that should do one thing....provide all of you with a release from yer everyday life. This bullshit completely pisses me off, to the point of seeing red-violence, but I am above that. I realize that people like to talk, especially when it makes them look 'cool'. Whatever. I know the truth, the kids all over the planet that support us know the truth and a little snot-nosed prick with nothing better to do than start shit obviously doesn't have a clue.

"Please don't take some loser on his parents AOL account sway what you think. If you read the comments, you saw that more kids support us/me than don't. Sure, there are gonna be the people that don't like us/me, but they'll still buy the record and go to the shows. Even if to start shit. But guess what, if they do that, JOKE'S ON THEM.

"I just wanted to set shit straight. Thank all of the fucking cool people that support us, invite others to do the same and give a big fat 'FUCK YOU, WHO CARES' to those who have nothing to do other than wish they could be me or in my band or in ANY BAND for that matter. Step it up or shut it up.

"As the saying goes: 'Theres two kinds of people in the world: Those that like you, and those that want to be you.'

"Thanks to all of you for the love and support, and to the non-believers, thank you even more. It's people like you that make people like me and my band that much better.

"Over and pout, Dizzy Draztik, BOMB POP MAFIA"

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