May 20, 2004

BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION bassist Nikki Sixx has posted the following message to the "Diary" section of the group's official web site:

"I sit here on the bus heading towards Denver… Been on the whiteline for 11 hours… We had to stop (in North Platt, Nebraska) at a truck stop for 3 pm breakfast. Everybody rolled out of there coffins (but I wouldn't say anybody's really awake)… Stumbling outta the bus probably looks like something outta 'The Living Dead'… First up, coffee (I.V. please)… then drop the kids off at the pool, buy some truck stop junk, redneck junk >> stickers, patches, cheap toys, 'Proud To Be American' t-shirts…etc. etc. (the best). I just love truck stops. Must be the Idaho in me….

"The show last night was a nightmare for [singer] London [LeGrand]… We've all been either sick or on the edge of getting sick…but when he woke yesterday he couldn't even talk… We keep thinking it would pass. But it didn't. About 6 pm we took him to the emergency room and the doctor told him not to sing. His voice was completely closed up and it could damage his voice. He got a cortisone shot and walking out whispered, 'I don't care what he says we gotta play tonight.' I called Vince [Neil] and he told me a few of his tricks he uses when he's been sick on tour. (thanks bro)

"We took the stage a bit late and gave it our all (I should say London gave it >>his<< all). I think we all feel like it was a great show… even with a such a handicap. We owe Minnesota a show…. Thank you for singing along to all the songs…"There's 4 more shows on this leg of the tour. Then off to Europe… back in America mid-July…then Japan."4 hours til Denver. See ya there…."Gonna grab an A.A. meeting and look for some underground shops (cool clothes in Denver > go figure)… Got my per diem burning a hole in my pockets…


"P.S. Just listened to the live recording of Detroit. I think were gonna stick up a couple [of songs] up on the site…"

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