May 31, 2004

BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION/ex-L.A. GUNS guitarist Tracii Guns has posted the following message on Metal Sludge's "Gossip Board" regarding the passing of former ENUFF Z'NUFF guitarist Derek Frigo:

"Derek was an amazingly and blazingly talented guitar player... I especially loved his LE MANS stuff from a long time ago.

"I had met Derek a few times… He had a very Johnny Thunders look in his eyes every time we met... That look that kinda says, 'I am so glad you are here… Can you save me?' It's a fucking brutal reality when you are young and popular that the drugs come for free… never realizing that you will become addicted [and] you will become unpopular. The price of your addiction makes you homeless and then your addiction will kill you.

"Both of my ex-girlfriends are junkies… One of them got her shit together and now has a wonderful life… the other one is in jail in MI. Missing her front teeth... She was busted for prostitution… She was hooking to support her junk habit… She also has 3 kids that she may never see again EVER!!!!!! And she is the more intelligent of the 2 women.

"My 3 current best friends are junkies. They are all heroin free… 2 of them are in the program 1 is not...

"Heroin sucks…

"There is no real point to my story other than… I have lived with drug addicts since I was born… Everyone I have gotten close to I have loved as a person (all good people). But the drugs and heroin destroyed everything these people ever tried to do. Every last one that survived had to start their lives over from scratch… Oh, [by the way] they all have to live with hepatitis for the rest of their lives as well."

TUFF singer Stevie Rachelle has also posted a comment regarding Frigo's death. It reads as follows:

"I just heard about the death of ENUFF Z'NUFF original guitarist Derek Frigo. What can I say but, that sucks bad. I'm beyond bummed for all, but especially Chip, Donnie, & Vic. Those early years were likely high & low for them. No pun intended. But the original gang always has some magic that will never be re-produced. Every time I hear about these tragic endings I'm thankful for another day, another smile, another anything. RIP."

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