BRUCE KULICK Attends Taping Of SLASH's Appearance On 'Lopez Tonight'

April 8, 2010

Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick has issued the following update:

"I was honored to be a guest at the Slash performance on the George Lopez show ['Lopez Tonight'] taped in Burbank last night. I got there early enough to say hello to the band, hang out in the green room, and chat with both of Slash's singers that taped for the show.

"Everyone knows Slash's new CD has many guests, and Andrew Stockdale from WOLFMOTHER is one of them. He is from Australia and we got a chance to talk about my visits to his town of Brisbane in the past. Great guy and a unique singer.

"I think Andrew's band really has one foot in the past and one in the present, and he told me that they will be doing some shows with KISS in Europe very soon. Myles Kennedy, the singer for ALTER BRIDGE was also there, and he was extremely cool to chat with as well. We have mutual guitar buddy friends and we caught up about his band and the fact he got to sing two songs on Slash's new disc. (Which is great, by the way; go get it!)

"I gave Slash my 'BK3' disc, and after thanking me he joked about the fact my dear friend Brent Fitz, who is drumming for him, didn't have a mention on the special guest sticker on the CD. I said with a smile on my face, 'Well, after touring the world with you he will!'

"Brent and I have a long history (UNION, and of course all my solo discs) so I was very proud to see him jamming with Slash. Todd Kerns, who I have jammed with many times in Vegas and who appeared live with me for my 'BK3' release party along with Brent, is now playing bass for Slash and I was happy to see him rocking out on the show.

"After the taping, I spoke shop with Slash, guitars and amps, of course.

"Slash admitted in his interview with George that he has been sober and healthy, and he really looks like he's in great shape.

"With a strong CD and band to support him this year, it is very cool to see him out there being a true guitar hero.

"Funniest moment came when I spoke to George Lopez, who is quite personable and a huge KISS fan who loves guitars. He remembered meeting me seven years ago when I was asked to jam with him and give him some guitar tips in his trailer back when he had his sitcom show. He said, 'Didn't you get shot on Sunset the week after meeting me?' He was right, and we spoke about that night and then talked about his new opening song for his amazing house band, ROCK N ROLL ALL NITE. Yes, George could be the leader of the KISS Army, as he was convinced after Gene's [Simmons] appearance a few weeks ago that the KISS anthem sets the mood for the crowd on his show.

"How awesome is that!

"I want to thank Pete Merluzzi, Slash's tour manager, and, of course, Slash and the guys in the band for a great evening."

Slash's appearance on "Lopez Tonight" will air tonight (Thursday, April 8).

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