BYFIST Singer Arrested, Thrown In Jail

June 25, 2003

BYFIST vocalist Rob Steele was pulled over Thursday night by the San Antonio Police Department for a routine check when it was discovered that there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest for unpaid traffic tickets. He was hauled off to jail and after meeting with the judge was given six nights in jail to satisfy his fines.

"I tried to get a hold of [BYFIST/REVEREND guitarists] Davey [Lee] or Nacho [Vara], but just my luck they were nowhere to be found, so I made the best of it," Steele said. "When I finally got a hold of Davey and Nacho they told me they figured that is what happened but weren't sure being that I went to the coast for some fun. Nacho did say though, 'At least Rob didn't end up as shark bait.' "

BYFIST will issue their new album, "Preserving The Past", later this summer through Metalages Records.

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