CALIGULA Featuring WHIPLASH's TONY PORTARO: 1987 Demo Posted Online

September 22, 2008

CALIGULA was a thrash/crossover band based out of Queens, New York that existed from 1985-1988. They recorded three demo tapes during this time, but it was their self-released "Technical Aggression" (1987) which garnered the group the most recognition from the thrash scene.

The band was started by Rob Garbarino (bass),Chris Deleo (guitar),Ed Klinger (drums),Vinny Vermette (vocals),and Tommy K (guitar). By 1986, Vermette and Tommy K had left the group, and they were briefly replaced by WHIPLASH's Tony Portaro on vocals/guitar when WHIPLASH's Tony Scaglione left to join SLAYER. Upon Portaro's eventual return to WHIPLASH, the group decided to go with one guitar and joined forces with John Scherer (DEATHRASH) just before recording "Technical Agression".

After the demo's release, they began to build a large following through the under world of tape trading and playing shows with thrash and hardcore notables such as AGNOSTIC FRONT, PRONG, BIOHAZARD, SICK OF IT ALL, TOKEN ENTRY, HALLOWS EVE, SHEER TERROR, DEATHRASH, DEPT. C, and many others They were also featured in a number of magazines, including Kerrang!, Metal Mania, and numerous underground zines.

CALIGULA's "Technical Aggression" five-song demo is known to be one of the better-produced demos from this time error, showcasing the truth in crossover.

To listen to the 1987 original format visit the band's MySpace page.

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