January 22, 2007

Legendary Swedish doomsters CANDLEMASS have issued the following update:

"After months of auditions it is now official who replaces Messiah Marcolin in CANDLEMASS. Robert Lowe, well known for his work with SOLITUDE AETURNUS, is the man who killed all the competition and showed that he beyond doubt is the most capable man for the job. A worthy successor!!

"Robert will still be fronting SOLITUDE AETURNUS, but since there's a whole ocean between the bands, we/CANDLEMASS feel that this is a great solution that is very beneficial for everybody. The mighty voice from Dallas, Texas is thrown into the fire immediately and is starting the vocal work on the new CANDLEMASS album in a matter of days. CANDLEMASS are sure that the words 'amazing' and 'incredible' will be used to describe the result! CANDLEMASS would also like to thank all the gifted singers who applied for the job. Many talents from all over the world have been heard. We are sure that they will continue to be heard for a long time, but not in CANDLEMASS. The band have finally found the ideal replacement for Messiah MarcolinRobert Lowe! The new album will KILL!!"

CANDLEMASS announced on Oct. 23, 2006 that vocalist Messiah Marcolin was out of the band "for good." More information about Messiah's departure is available at this location.

As previously reported, Messiah Marcolin contacted BLABBERMOUTH.NET on April 28, 2006 to announce that he was leaving the band with no possibility of him rejoining. "We could not agree on how to do the new album," Messiah stated at the time while refusing to elaborate on his sudden exit.

CANDLEMASS' upcoming CD — a concept album about the road to ruin in the modern society — is being self-produced and will feature nine or ten tracks.

CANDLEMASS recorded four new songs with the help of producer Andy Sneap (NEVERMORE, ARCH ENEMY, MACHINE HEAD) in February 2006 at the Polar studios. At the time, Leif Edling said of the material, "The songs are pretty much in the same vein as the stuff on the [self-titled 2005] reunion album, maybe a bit darker."

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