April 14, 2010

Brazilian power metal band CARAVELLUS has inked a deal with the new Canadian label Metalodic Records. The group's new album, "Knowledge Machine", will be released this summer. The CD was mastered by Phillip Colodetti (ANGRA, EPICA, KAMELOT, EDGUY) and features guest appearances by Dario Grillo (THY MAJESTIE, VIOLET SUN) and Ana Mladinovici (MAGICA).


Cleison Johann - Bass
Daniel Felix - Keyboards
Glauber Oliveira - Guitars
Pedro Nunes - Drums
Raphael Dantas - Vocals

"With an inspiring mix of progressive power metal sound layered with classical and folk influences, CARAVELLUS has brought along the right tools to create originality and adroitness, audacity and quality," according to the group's official bio. "CARAVELLUS's extraordinary musical talent, innovative songwriting and wonderful musicianship creates an immediate, emotional impact on even the most selective of listener."

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