October 25, 2004

Century Media Records has joined forces with Alveran Records in a newly inked, exclusive contract for the production and distribution of selected Alveran titles throughout Europe via Century Media Records.

Alveran Records is an independent record company founded by Sascha Franzen in 1995. Alveran's diversity in styles ranges from metalcore to emo pop punk, the label furthermore acts as European partner of the well-known American label Eulogy Recordings and Sascha also acts as the promoter for the established Pressure Festival event. Alveran's large roster/catalog includes successful bands like UNEARTH, MAROON, MORNING AGAIN, EVERGREEN TERRACE, UNTIL THE END, SETTLE THE SCORE, BURY YOUR DEAD, SHATTERED REALM, AGE OF RUIN, LIAR and many more.

Alveran has been an active and respected player in the European hardcore scene for many years but the label's initial goals have remained the same since day one — to focus on artistic quality and strive for continuous growth and work integrity. In the light of this new-found co-operation with Century Media Records, the visibility of Alveran promises to spread further all over Europe and the future for the upcoming releases and activities looks exciting!

Sascha Franzen, Alveran's label owner, commented: "I am thrilled about the new possibilities for Alveran and our strong upcoming releases with the new set up through Century Media. This is a big step forward for the label and its bands — we are very excited about the next years with Century Media!"

Ula Gehret, Century Media's European label manager added: "We've known of Sascha's work for years, not only with Alveran but within the scene itself, and it's a privilege to be able to bring his releases to a wider audience and help his label take the next step. We see it not just as a business cooperation but a mutually beneficial cooperation, and hopefully show that collaboration is often a healthier alternative than cut-throat competition."

Upcoming releases through Alveran Records/Century Media:

Nov. 15, 2004:
MAROON - “Endorsed By Hate” Re-Issue CD

Dec. 13, 2004:
UNEARTH - "Endless" Re-Issue Ltd. Digi-MCD
BURY YOUR DEAD - "You Had Me At Hello" Re-Issue CD
EVERGREEN TERRACE - "Writers Block" Re-Issue Cover-Versions Digi-CD
EVERGREEN TERRACE - "Burned Alive By Time" Re-Issue CD
AGE OF RUIN - "The Tides Of Tragedy" Re-Issue CD

Jan. 24, 2005:
UNTIL THE END - "The Blind Leading The Lost" CD
NEVEA TEARS - "Do I Have To Tell You Why I Love You" CD

Upcoming releases:
SETTLE THE SCORE - "Five Knuckle Philosophy" CD New Album
UNEARTH - "The Stings Of Conscience" CD Re-Release
Various Artists - Alveran Label Compilation CD

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