CHAD GRAY Explains MUDVAYNE Break-Up, Wants Respect For HELLYEAH

June 2, 2016

HELLYEAH frontman Chad Gray explained in a new interview with Billboard why his previous band MUDVAYNE broke up after five studio albums together. Gray revealed: "I still love and talk to those guys, but it's like being in a relationship and all the sudden things just start to fall apart. MUDVAYNE was just dissolving. It became too much for all of us. It was no one person in particular's fault. We all have faults. It was crumbling beneath us. I chose to be an artist and continue to play in HELLYEAH."

Gray told The Pulse Of Radio that he and the other members of HELLYEAH want to be recognized now for their current output and not their past musical histories. "There's a level of HELLYEAH — and I'm not pointing any fingers or whatever to the ex-fans of our ex-bands and stuff like that — but it's like, we feel we deserve to be accepted and respected for what we do now musically. The past is the past, we live for now."

HELLYEAH's founding members include ex-PANTERA drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott and former NOTHINGFACE guitarist Tom Maxwell, along with newer recruits Kyle Sanders on bass and Christian Brady on guitar.

The band's new album, "Unden!able", arrives on June 3. In addition to current single "Human", the set features a cover of Phil Collins's "I Don't Care Anymore".

The song features a guitar track from late PANTERA guitarist and Vinnie's brother "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, which Vinnie and Dimebag first recorded 14 years ago. Dimebag was shot to death in 2004 in a nightclub.

Gray said about the track, "I needed to make it ours…People are going to love it. What I really hope is that Phil Collins loves it."

It's been seven years since MUDVAYNE released its self-titled fifth album, which was barely promoted and sold weakly upon release.

The band has been silent since then, although a message was posted at its Facebook page in 2014 saying that the group had not officially broken up.

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