CHEVELLE Returns In April With 'La Gargola'

February 4, 2014

According to The Pulse Of Radio, CHEVELLE will release its seventh studio album, titled "La Gargola", on April 1. The disc was recorded in Pasadena, California instead of the band's usual spot in their hometown of Chicago, and follows up 2011's "Hats Off To The Bull".

The first single, "Take Out The Gunman", addresses the issues of guns and mass shootings, but drummer Sam Loeffler says it's also about more than that. "It is hitting a little close to home," he says. "However, certainly it's about that but the real point is about how the media sensationalizes it and how it perpetuates it, because we talk about it so much and concentrate on it so much, which is — when you put something on television, it just becomes bigger than life and then, you know, the age-old question is, if you don't put it on TV and nobody knows about it, will it happen less? I don't know."

CHEVELLE has posted a behind-the-scenes look from the studio online as the band nears completion of the record.

The trio will head out on the road for a headlining tour with MIDDLE CLASS RUT and OH BROTHER, beginning on April 4. The dates and venues are yet to be announced.

The group is also scheduled to make appearances at the Rock On The Range and Welcome To Rockville festivals in April and May.

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