CHRIS CORNELL Ponders SOUNDGARDEN Reunion: 'Maybe Like When We're Really, Really Old'

June 4, 2007

Jane Stevenson of the Toronto Sun recently asked Chris Cornell if all the recent reunion tours — THE POLICE, GENESIS, CROWDED HOUSE and SMASHING PUMPKINS, to name a few — have meant that promoters been throwing piles of money at him to get his old Seattle band, SOUNDGARDEN, back together.

"No," said Cornell. "And I think there should be a trust factor here. They need to throw piles of money at me, wait a couple of years and then tell me what it was for, and then I'll make my decision."

Cornell hasn't talked with any of his SOUNDGARDEN bandmates in a long time, but added, "We're all friendly. We always have been.

"No one has called me with any suggestion that SOUNDGARDEN should get back together. We're a weird group of guys. We always were. It's why we made the music we made. Ultimately, we really mounted something that seemed impossible, we carried it through, made some great records, and actually managed to disband while we were at the pinnacle of our creative relationship and not abuse it and not leave, like, turd droppings for fans to have to deal with in the future.

"So I look at it now, getting back together. I just don't see the scenario where it made sense. Maybe like when we're really, really old, if we got together and did some performance that benefits somebody other than us. Instead of just saying, 'Wow, someone's offered us an enormous cheque.' That just seems like it would go against everything that the band was about from Day 1. So it'd have to be for some reason that I can't think of right now."

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