COAL CHAMBER Withdraw From Jagermeister Tour, Ponder Group's Future

April 19, 2002

COAL CHAMBER have pulled off the ongoing Jagermeister tour with DROWNING POOL and ILL NINO and are in the process of returning home to California, where they will hold a band meeting next week to determine whether or not they will carry on as a group.

As first reported here last night, COAL CHAMBER's latest bust-up stems from an ongoing dispute between frontman Dez Fafara and guitarist Meegs, who openly displayed their disdain for one another at the group's show in Lubbock, Texas on Wednesday night, with Meegs reportedly hitting Dez with his guitar, kicking speakers off the stage, and spitting on the singer at various points during the show.

We'll have more information on COAL CHAMBER's future plans, if any, in the days to come.

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