CRADLE OF FILTH Singer Apologizes For U.K. Tour Cancellation

December 13, 2002

CRADLE OF FILTH frontman Dani Filth has issued an apology to the group's U.K. fans over the postponement of their December gigs.

Dani's official statement on the matter reads as follows:

" 'My Nightmare Before Christmas' by Dani Filth, (physically) aged one hundred and thirteen and three quarters.

"Sincere and enormous apologies must go out to all of you who are extremely disappointed at our recent cancellations of three Xmas shows at Wolverhampton, Norwich and the London Astoria. Please let me assure you that these shows were cancelled under extreme duress and will definitely be rescheduled for next April, when tickets already purchased will be totally redeemable in exchange for the new dates.

"I know that a lot of you would have gone to great lengths in the organization of travel arrangements amid other time-consuming activities in order to get to the shows and I appreciate your obvious anger (I've always maintained that the best place for my ugly mug was on the receiving end of a decent pub dartboard...). But with all respect, I was utterly unable to play these dates. Five months hard slog working towards the completion of the forthcoming 'Damnation And A Day' album has left me an unappreciative victim of a malady known as Pharyngitis, which, according to my physician, has become secondary to a spell of Gastro-oesophageal Reflux, that only reared its spiteful head on a recent press trip to Germania and has become something a little more serious than a half-decent name for a death-metal quintet. To cut to the mustard, I feel and am, in all essence of the word, fucked.

"So, once again, I'm extremely sorry for any inconvenience I have caused and I just hope that those of you spitting dark daggers and making incredibly detailed little pin-dollies of me even as you read this, will find it in your blackened hearts to forgive me this terrible trespass. If any consolation can be garnered however, is that our new album totally fucking kills and that the new all-improved major-label CRADLE come with a totally unclean bill of health (by order of none other than the dark Lord himself, or so I'm told by the progenitor of all fevers and newfound best mate, the demon Pazuzu...),despite what some of our detractors may have led you to believe.

"So thanx once again for understanding my untimely predicament, yours humbly and in no uncertain amount of pain and disgrace... Dani. xxx"

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