October 20, 2010

Finnish folk metal band CRIMFALL has inked a deal with Spinefarm Records. The group's as-yet-untitled second album is tentatively due in March 2011. The CD was recorded at Adamantium Studios and was produced and mixed by Hit Happens. It features guest appearances by Tapio Wilska (SURVIORS ZERO),Ville Sorvali (MOONSORROW),Mathias "Vreth" Lillmåns (FINNTROLL, CHTHONIAN, DECOMPOSTER),Mathias Nygård (TURISAS),Olli Vänskä (TURISAS) and Trollhorn (FINNTROLL, MOONSORROW).

Commented Hannu Lehtonen of Spinefarm: "It is great to have CRIMFALL as a new artist on Spinefarm. I can honestly say that the band's forthcoming second album is worth the wait. The band is in killer shape and has recorded an excellent piece of music which will be released in spring 2011."

CRIMFALL added in a statement: "For CRIMFALL this alliance is a great leap in what has been a long painful march. This definitely opens up a new chapter in our history and the expectations are high since it finally seems we have found a partner that shares our faith in CRIMFALL's music and potential."

CRIMFALL's debut album, "As The Path Unfolds...", was released in March 2009 via Napalm Records.


Jakke Viitala - Guitar, Orchestra
Mikko Häkkinen - Dark Voice
Helena Haaparanta (ex-TACERE) - Bright Voice
Janne Jukarainen - Drums
Miska Sipiläinen - Bass

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(Thanks: Melica / Night Elves)

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