CRIMSON GLORY Begin Work On New Album, Live DVD

March 3, 2005

According to a posting on CRIMSON GLORY's official web site, the original members of the legendary group recently began the songwriting process for their all-new, much-anticipated fifth CD, entitled "Metatron, Lucifer and the Divine Chaos".

Original CRIMSON GLORY guitarist/songwriter Jon Drenning, bassist/songwriter Jeff Lords and guitarist/songwriter Ben Jackson have begun the process of assembling songs to be released later in the year. Also in the works is a live CRIMSON GLORY DVD, entitled "Phantoms of the Opera".

The DVD will contain an entire CRIMSON GLORY concert from 1989 featuring original vocalist Midnight as well as several other live concert videos and behind-the-scenes footage from around the world during the band's Transcendence World Tour.

The original band members are also collecting a vast amount of materials from many sources for their historical 20th anniversary box set, to be released in early 2006. It will be entitled "Valley of Shadows - Kingdoms of Light".

The historical box set will consist of many re-mastered — and, in some cases, re-recorded — CRIMSON GLORY songs, as well as some previously unreleased songs, different versions of songs, demo songs, hundreds of unpublished pictures; handwritten lyrics, additional behind-the-scenes video footage; as well as an autobiography written by Jon Drenning in conjunction with Jeff Lords and original band members Ben Jackson, Dana Burnell — and Midnight, if he chooses to be included in the process.

In regards to original vocalist Midnight: It is not known at this time what the extent of the original vocalist's involvement will be concerning the all-new CRIMSON GLORY CD, as he is presently disposed in Europe for a short tour promoting his long,-overdue solo CD, entitled "Sakada", to be released soon. (Incidentally, the title Midnight chose for his solo CD, "Sakada", is a derivation of the word "cicada," which is an insect that burrows below ground, only to come out once every 17 years.)

Midnight has expressed interest several times to band members, on, as well as in recently published statements by several media outlets, that he is sincerely interested in recording a new CRIMSON GLORY CD. However, while he remains interested in recording songs for the album, he has yet to say if he will ever perform "live" with the legendary group again. Nevertheless, the remaining original CRIMSON GLORY members remain dedicated to their 20th anniversary reunion and will be diligently at work writing, composing and compiling materials for all the aforementioned projects and look forward to seeing all their wonderful fans on the road again in the near future.

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