CULT OF LUNA Films New Video

September 14, 2006

Swedish art-noise collective CULT OF LUNA has filmed a video for "Back to Chapel Town", a track that features on their latest album out on Earache Records, "Somewhere Along the Highway".

Filmed in Umeå, near where the band are from, the video took five days to make but much longer to plan... Johannes Persson and Erik Olofsson came up with the concept and directed the video themselves.

"It's about a dude," says Johannes, explaining the video's concept. "A man waking up in a world he doesn't know, he knows nothing of his past or where he is, people treat him like air or are very suspicious of him." When asked how he felt about filming his own video, Johannes says, "It took fucking ages to arrange. We shot for five days and I've never felt so out of my element, but it was fun, and definitely something I would like to do more in the future."

The video mimicks the dark graphic feel of the album, and was even shot in the same kind of colour as the artwork on "Somewhere along the Highway". The clip is due to be finished by the end of September.

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