DAATH Guitarist To OZZFEST 2007 Attendees: 'No One Better F--- With Us'

March 30, 2007

Chris Harris and Jon Wiederhorn of MTV.com report: DAATH guitarist Eyal Levi is issuing a stern warning to those planning to attend this year's free Ozzfest, which his six-piece death-metal outfit will be playing with the likes of OZZY OSBOURNE, HATEBREED, LORDI and LAMB OF GOD: "No one better f--- with us."

You see, Levi supports the old maxim that the best defense is a strong offense, and after the kind of tour the band shared this winter with GOATWHORE, THE ACACIA STRAIN and JOB FOR A COWBOY — the theme of which, he said, was "staying alive" — DAATH are in dire need of a strong offense. Not that they're proponents of rampant acts of violence — it's more about protection, Levi explained.

"I don't like getting into fights — it's not what I'm into," he said. "But that last tour was so crazy, as far as violence goes, I just figure we've got to be ready. ... After this last tour ... I mean, there were fights every single night. One night, there were nine fights — nine f---ing bloody fights."

During one gig, Levi said, an audience member tried to attack frontman Sean Farber after he drenched the crowd with water.

"I guess some dude didn't like it, and he told us to stop — in the middle of a song, mind you," the guitarist recalled. "First of all, we're not going to stop. Secondly, how do you expect a band to hear that? So he charged the stage and spit in Sean's face. Sean saw him rushing towards the stage and hit him in the face with his microphone. After the show, the dude jumped our merch guy because he thought it was Sean. So let's just say I'm going to be ready next time."

Read more at MTV.com.

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