March 30, 2007

Victory Records has announced the signing of Washington D.C.'s DAMNATION A.D. The group's new album, "In This Life or the Next", is scheduled for release on June 12.

"This is our best record, so it only makes sense that it comes out on Victory Records," said bassist Alex Merchlinsky.

Commented Victory founder Tony Brummel: "DAMNATION A.D. defined metalcore many years before the term even existed. I first met Mike 'D.C.' and his brother Brian McTernan (now known for producing albums for bands like SNAPCASE, DARKEST HOUR, THRICE and SENSES FAIL, amongst others) in 1989 when my old band EVEN SCORE played a show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Two years later, Victory released a record. In fact it was Victory's seventh release, for Washington D.C.'s WORLDS COLLIDE. An old roommate from Chicago was the singer and that is how I met Ken Olden, who played guitar for the band. Mike and Ken formed DAMNATION A.D. which has a long and rich musical and international touring history. With the history that we have together from my pre-Victory days as a singer for a band to the early days when Victory first started it would simply be sacrilegious to not work with Mike, Ken, Colin and Alex. Now, if you dislike history, you can delete what I just said and move on. The bottom line is this, if you like hard music you will love DAMNATION A.D., period."

On the subject of the new album's musical direction, guitarist Ken Olden said, "On this album we got to do a lot of things we hadn't done in the past. We were able to take our time writing and recording the songs. Our sound has continued to evolve, but it is still definitely DAMNATION A.D., just less musically self-indulgent and more catchy and memorable. We also got to work with some of our good friends on several of the tunes, which is something we had talked about in the past, but never had the time to make happen. Guest performances include Wes from GIVE UP THE GHOST, John Henry from DARKEST HOUR, Karl from EARTH CRISIS and FREYA, and Patrick and Pete from FALL OUT BOY. Mike's voice is better than ever, and he sounds more pissed and raw than he ever has. We're stoked for everyone to check it out, we know people are gonna enjoy this new album."

"In This Life or the Next" track listing:

01. Exspectata Ut Abyssus
02. She Loves Me Not
03. Let Me In / Don’t Feel A Thing
04. Jigsaw
05. Hangedman
06. If You Could Remember
07. Consider This A Warning
08. Rain As My Veil
09. Addiction
10. In This Life Or The Next

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