DARK TRANQUILLITY Cancel Dates In Mexico, Colombia

January 9, 2003

DARK TRANQUILLITY have been forced to cancel their previously-announced gigs in Mexico and Colombia due to the inability of the local promoter to live up to his part of the agreement.

The band's official statement on the matter is as follows:

"We are extremely sorry to have to announce the frustrating fact that the upcoming gigs in Mexico and Colombia are cancelled, due to the inability of the local promoter to live up to his part of the agreement. At this point, we don't know all the details, but our management has been working day and night during the last week trying to get some kind of confirmation from the promoter that the most essential and basic parts of the arrangement, such as the booking of the airplane tickets, had been taken care of.

"After a lot of uncertainty and an increasing sense of suspicion that the necessary organizational measures weren't taken, everything eventually seemed to be resolved, but last night — just a few hours before our planned departure from Gothenburg — we got the definite news from our management that the flight arrangements were severely insufficient and that the promoter had backed out of the deal, admitting that things hadn't been properly taken care of from the beginning and that it now was too late to repair the damage.

"We deeply apologize to our Mexican and Colombian fans and friends, and we hope that you understand that the cancellation is in no way due to the band. This is a disaster for us. We had a fantastic time during our 'Haven' dates in Mexico, and had the pleasure to meet some of the most devoted and enthusiastic fans we've ever seen, and it feels truly devastating to have to stay at home with packed bags and all preparations made because of matters that are out of our hands.

"We'll do our outmost to be able to schedule new dates in the near future.

"Respectfully, D.T."

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