DAVE LOMBARDO's GRIP INC. To Pay Tribute To Late Frontman GUS CHAMBERS With 'Hostage To Heaven' EP

May 12, 2015

GRIP INC., the long-defunct metal outfit featuring drummer Dave Lombardo (SLAYER, PHILM) and guitarist Waldemar Sorychta (former member of DESPAIR and producer for such bands as LACUNA COIL and MOONSPELL),will issue the "Hostage To Heaven" digital EP on June 9 via KFM.

"Hostage To Heaven" contains three previously unreleased tracks and an alternate, never-before-released version of the song "Hostage To Heaven" (which originally appeared on GRIP INC.'s "The Power Of Inner Strength" album).

It's been eleven years since GRIP INC. released its last album, "Incorporated", and and seven years since the passing of the band's vocalist, Gus Chambers. "Hostage To Heaven" serves as a bookend and tribute to the talent and contributions of late great frontman, as well as a true testament to the legacy and deep impression he left us all with.

"Hostage To Heaven" track listing:

01. Hostage to Heaven
02. Dragging Me Down
03. Bittersweet
04. Crawl

"Hostage To Heaven" is now available for pre-order via iTunes for a discounted price of $3.99, and will be released globally on June 9 for $5.99 on Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube and more.

Said Lombardo: "GRIP INC. is an exceptional band that I am very honored to have co-created.

"Gus Chambers was easily one of the most effective and distinctive vocalists/frontmen in the business. To be able to release music that pays tribute to Gus and his talent, memorializing the unique sound that the four of us created is a gift... not just to us, but also to the fans that always hoped for more."

He continued: "Gus can't be replaced. GRIP INC. will never be GRIP INC. without him. We could try and replace him, but it would never be the same as the original four. This is the closest thing we have to working with Gus again. This release is without question a tribute to his talent and his legacy."

Added Sorychta: "I always like to experiment with songs that we have already released from our past albums, so needless to say, I have many versions of 'Hostage To Heaven' (a techno version, church organ, acoustic and the slow version). The slow version of 'Hostage To Heaven' is the only version with the original vocals from Gus, recorded while we were making the album 'Nemesis'. Actually, it gave me the main idea for the song 'Rusty Nail'. While we were playing the slow version of 'Hostage To Heaven', we changed some rhythms and worked out some other parts and 'Rusty Nail' was born. I really like how it all came together, especially the solo, that was more or less just improvised. Overall, it's a great version which shows that good songs still have a drive even when you change the way of playing them."

He continued: "We always improvised at rehearsals, sometimes even live. In rehearsal, we used to jam even more then rehearse our songs. Many ideas and songs got started like this. Even at every recording session we jammed between main recordings. We have never looked at recording a record as a kind of job that has to be done; well, we always had a professional way of recording but, we always made sure to also keep it fun and spontaneous. The main point was always love for music!

"In hindsight, I am glad we always recorded more than just the album tracks and always tried to experiment. It's just a shame that many of these songs don't have Gus's vocals. Don't misunderstand me, these songs aren't leftovers or anything like that! We had always planed to record them but some just didn't make that album or didn't have the time in the studio. Really, we had the chance while we were recording the albums, and we just wanted to take advantage of the studio environment.

"To release these tracks 20 years after 'Power Of Inner Strength' means a lot to me.

"After Gus's death, there has been an empty place in my heart that will never be filled. I miss our craziness, I miss our friendship, and, above all, our passion for music.

"We all came from different countries, with different backgrounds, but GRIP INC. united us all under the same goal. We were 'one'! Simply a great example of how powerful music really is. But music in itself doesn’t make a friendship; ours went very deep and will stay forever.

"Since the 13th of October 2008 I have found life is much harder to catch a day with a relaxed smile, always thinking of my friend.

"Life goes on, but the knowledge that a big part of you isn't there anymore is sad.

"Gus, I will always miss you!"

Chambers died on October 13, 2008 at the age of 52. Initial reports indicated that he took his own life, but an inquisition report later stated that it was an accidental death caused by a mixture of medication and alcohol.



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