DAYS OF THE NEW Singer Enters Rehab

June 24, 2003

DAYS OF THE NEW frontman Travis Meeks is in the process of completing a month-long stint in a California rehabilitation center for treatment of a crystal methamphetamine addiction. Immediately following his July 1 release, he will return to his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, where he is scheduled to play his first concert of the year at SouthGate House (located on the Newport, KY/Cincinnati, OH border) on July 4.

"I have been working with Travis for over a year and a half, and throughout that time I have watched the drug use continually escalate," said Jonathan Hay, Meeks' publicist, in an official press release. "Sometimes he'd lock himself in his studio or his house and go without sleep for days, just doing crystal meth. He was going broke, but broke rock stars get 'donated' drugs."

In addition to his troubles with crystal meth, Meeks had also been using crack, cocaine, alcohol and pain medication before entering rehab on May 29, according to Hay. "I've talked to him everyday on the phone since he's been able to accept calls," Hay continued. "He's been to group meetings, playing softball, and relaxing. He said he'd even gotten sunburned. It's so good to hear him doing so well. His voice even sounds different on the phone. He laughs, he has confidence audible strength, courage, and will. He said that he loves the new record from METALLICA, whom he toured with for four months, and can relate to James Hetfield who himself went through a rehab program."

Upon his release from rehab, Meeks is expected to continue work on DAYS OF THE NEW's fourth full-length effort, entitled "The Purple Album", tentatively due before the end of the year.

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