DEATHRIDE Name Debut, Prepare To Record

December 16, 2002

California's DEATHRIDE, the new project featuring COAL CHAMBER frontman Dez Fafara, have set "Swinging The Dead" as the title for their forthcoming debut album, tentatively due in July through Roadrunner Records.

"We start preproduction [with producer Ross Hogarth] sometime around January 12th to the 15th," Fafara says in an official statement. "We will begin the recording process sometime before January 25th. We hope to deliver the album to the label no later than the end of March. We are looking forward to a July release and a tour to begin sometime in April."

In the rest of the statement, Dez goes on to assert his commitment to making aggressive music free of compromises and re-emphasizes DEATHRIDE's goal of relying primarily on intensive touring as a way of spreading their message.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, people say the climate in America is not accepting of heavy bands at this point... We don't give a fuck," he proclaims.

"People say the climate of radio right now is not accepting of heavy bands... We don't give a fuck.

"People say the climate of video right now is not accepting of heavy bands... We don't give a fuck.

"We will not pander to any of these ideas. We will not change, manipulate or water down our music to meet any of these peoples so called agendas. I have seen these watered down changes in many of the bands and it disappoints me. If SLAYER or PANTERA were to bow down to such conformity, where would we be now?

"DEATHRIDE will live up to the legacy of its name. Death to your scene, let's create a new one.

"I've got a monster in my basement and he's trying to claw his way out.

"DEATHRIDE will tour more than 290 days a year.

"I owe my life to heavy music and hope to follow in the footsteps of the heavy bands that got my through my youth.

"Strength and Honor — Dez Fafara"

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